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Divine Proportions by Amelita Rae (A Yaoi Alien Abduction Romance)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 518kb
Overview: Taken prisoner during a routine mission, Captain Terrek and young Science Officer Carson are forced to perform for their captor’s pleasure. They do what they must to obtain their freedom, but the stoic alien Captain has been lusting after his beautiful human crewmember for a long time. When the opportunity to have him however he desires, the touch- telepath finds himself without logic or discipline. He loses control. He claims that which he wants most- not only the young human’s body, but also his mind. But, to force a mating bond is the worst crime imaginable on Terrek’s homeworld. Once everything is over and they are back aboard their ship, will Carson ever forgive him?

This is a tender and sexy twist on the old trope ‘the aliens made them do it’ spiced up with a nip of size-kink and a dash of telepathy. Enjoy!
Genre: MM Romance


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