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Dietary Polyphenols in Human Diseases; Advances and Challenges in Drug Discovery by Mithun Rudrapal
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Overview: Diets rich in plant polyphenols or dietary polyphenols are the subject of increasing scientific interest because of their diverse range of health benefits and medicinal uses. This book, Dietary Polyphenols in Human Diseases: Advances and Challenges in Drug Discovery, fills the gap that exists in the current knowledge by presenting the latest information in the area of polyphenol-based drug discovery research. The book focuses on the current understanding of the beneficial effects on human health of diets rich in polyphenols and/or polyphenolic compounds derived from dietary sources (plant-based foods) and their possible preventive role in the management of chronic human diseases. In addition, biochemical mechanisms involved in the antioxidative effect of dietary polyphenols along with their bioavailability, pharmacokinetic, and toxicological considerations are also discussed herein.
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