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Devastated Lands: Part 1: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller by Bruce W. Perry
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Overview: Lahars from an erupting Mount Rainier in Washington devastate the Puyallup Valley and threaten the millions of people who live in Seattle and Tacoma. Caught up in the natural catastrophe is Shane Cooper, a mountain guide from Telluride, Colorado, and Mikaela Brand, a young mixed martial arts (MMA) competitor.
Civilization has broken down after lahars roar down the mountain’s flanks and destroy towns, utilities, airports, and bury roads and highways. The towns have become ruined ghost-towns inhabited mainly by desperadoes. Food, clean water, and gasoline are scarce or non-existent, and more lahars are on the way as Rainier has begun an every-500-year eruption.
Cooper and Brand end up with a little girl named Amy, and her dog Turk, both orphaned by the disaster. They have to live off the land as they claw their way to the coast, and survive an armed gang that paints its faces white and keeps captives as future food sources.
Genre: Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic


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