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Demon Bones by DS O’Neill (The Soul Series Book 2)
Requirements: epub reader, 135 kb
Overview: Hey, it’s Ria again. Still pronounced like Leah, but with a…yeah, I think you get it by now. It’s been a few weeks since I met Jace, Tallen, Dax and Cade, but things seem to be going pretty smooth for us. Or at least, as smooth as it can be while living with two demons and two angels. We’re connecting more each day, building a foundation that pulls us as tight as any family…closer than family, actually. But that asshole Jerrick and his freaky-deaky dad Azeros? Yeah, they’re still hanging around somewhere. It’s just a matter of time.
But they aren’t the only ones that are dangerous out there, not the only ones with my name at the top of their hit list.
Thank gods I have my boys behind me…I mean, not MINE-mine. They’re just…mine?
*Please be aware there are references to past physical and sexual abuse that might be a trigger for some individuals.
Genre: Romance


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