Download Demon Bonded series by Sadie Sins (.ePUB)

Demon Bonded series by Sadie Sins (Books #1-11)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 3.5MB
Overview: Sadie Sins, at your service. I’m a tomboy writer/artist out of New England with a passion for hunky strong men, lithe pretty boys, and lots of hot dirty talk. If you’re looking for a hard edge with possessive personalities, bad attitudes, rough language, and steamy to downright filthy smut, I’m your girl. If it’s two guys (or more) getting it on, be it with the help of magic, a full moon, or just good old fashioned lube, I’ll be striving to make sure it gets as naughty as possible, with just a touch of sweet to flavor.
Genre: Paranormal Erotic MM


  1. Something Waiting in the Dark
  2. Breathing Under the Bed
  3. The Killer Wardrobe
  4. Magnificient Knight
  5. Beneath the Darkness
  6. The Twisted Apprentice
  7. The Chains that Bind
  8. The Demon Trainer
  9. The Fall
  10. Strays, Links and Demons
  11. Cocky Self Inflicted Wounds

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