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Delivering His Heir by Jesse Jordan
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Overview: My entire life, I’ve been shunned, unable to be accepted by the people around me. Because of that, I’m stuck in a dead-end job in a dead-end bar. Until he came into my life. Rich, powerful, and drop dead gorgeous… he’s a man any woman in the world would kill to have. And for some reason… he wants me. The deal is simple. Marry him, and produce an heir. Of course, there’s a catch. I’ve got one year. If I succeed, I’m set for life, with more money than I could spend in ten lifetimes. If not, I get nothing. Pretty straight forward, even if it’s not too romantic. Although, for a girl like me, romance is a fantasy I can’t afford. But what happens if I fall in love with him? How far am I willing to go? And what chances am I willing to take to keep him by my side… forever?
Genre: Romance


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