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Death without Direction by Samuel Fleming (Battleaxe and a Metal Arm #1)
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Overview: Episode 1: A flooded temple, a rusted prison and lots of bloodthirsty fishmen. What secrets and hidden dangers lie in the dark, frigid waters?

An elven sorceress with a prosthetic metal arm and a towering human barbarian are in for the dungeon crawl of their lives. They know nothing about how they got there, nothing about each other. They barely remember their own names.

Helesys can feel the latent arcane energy—the wand—housed in the center of her forearm—its power just begging to be unleashed. The outlander ripples with the strength of a bear. Their abilities and their memories slowly come back to them as they delve deeper and deeper into the unknown horrors, searching for a way out.

As her power and magic comes back, Helesys feels confident that the two of them will make it out or die trying… But even death might not be an escape.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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