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Dark Possession by Amelita Rae (The Miner’s Reluctant Wife Book 1)
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Overview: It is the late thirtieth century and humans have established colonies on other carbon-based planets throughout the galaxy. The colonies are isolated, primitive and everyday people are still dependent on fossil fuels. Coal is mined in much the same way as it was back in the olden days on Earth. The labor is hard, dirty and dangerous. As the colonies grow, prison work camps are established to maintain supply. They quickly become a place where the poor and unwanted members of society are sent to be made use of.

It is to one of these forced labor camps that the unfortunate Jesse is sent. He is young, small and weak- far too weak to perform the grueling work required to earn enough meal credits to keep himself from starvation. The men who cannot provide for themselves become camp ‘women’ and are forced to sell their bodies for credits. A lucky few are selected by the strongest, most powerful miners to become their ‘wives’. To Jesse, wives are simply whores that are used exclusively by one man and he abhors his new husband. But his husband cherishes his young bride and Jesse soon learns that becoming a miner’s wife…might just be the best thing that has ever happened to him.
Genre: Romance Erotic MM


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