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Danny Dunn Series (#1-15) by Jay Williams & Raymond Abrashkins
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Overview: Jay Williams (May 31, 1914–July 12, 1978) was an American author born in Buffalo, New York, the son of Max and Lillian Jacobson. He cited the experience of growing up as the son of a vaudeville show producer as leading him to pursue his acting career as early as college. Between 1931 and 1934 he attended the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University where he took part in amateur theatrical productions.
Genre: Fiction > Children > Science Fiction

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Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint (Danny Dunn #1)

When Danny Dunn tips over the mysterious jar of glistening liquid, he has no way of knowing that he will involve himself, his friend Joe, and Professor Bullfinch in a wild flight between planets. But anything can happen when Danny is around – and practically does!

Danny Dunn on a Desert Island (Danny Dunn #2)

"I challenge you to a duel of desert islands!" Dr. Grimes cries, when Professor Bulfinch accuses him of not being practical. Grimes plans to go ashore on an uninhabited desert island, and the Professor on another. After a month they will see who has survived the best!
Danny and his best friend Joe soon get permission to join them, and the four take off in the scientists’ plane. But when they crash-land in the ocean and are really marooned on an island off the coast of Peru — the four must survive and come up with a plan to be rescued, using only their scientific ingenuity!

Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine (Danny Dunn #3)

No more homework!

Professor Bullfinch goes off to attend a scientific conference and leaves Danny in charge of his new miniature automatic computer called Minia. Danny calls it a midget giant brain and suddenly comes up with an idea. Could he program Minny to help him do his homework faster? Soon, Irene and Joe are in on the secret and the three friends are busy feeding information from their school books into Minny, the mechanical brain. All goes well until their old enemy, Snitcher, starts spying on them–and decides to try his hand at sabotage!

Danny Dunn and the Weather Machine (Danny Dunn #4)

Who said nobody ever does anything about the weather? Danny Dunn does! Of course if there hadn’t been a drought when Danny went to the weather bureau to return a radiosonde – maybe nothing would have happened. But has there ever been a time when Danny could contain his curiosity?

Danny Dunn on the Ocean Floor (Danny Dunn #5)

Danny and the Professor are off to Mexico to test a new plastic diving ship, record fish sounds, and discover scientific phenomena of the deep.

Danny Dunn and the Fossil Cave (Danny Dunn #6)

Stumbling on the entrance to a cave, Danny finds himself involved in an exciting speleological adventure.

Danny Dunn And The Heat Ray (Danny Dunn #7)

Danny is soaring above Midston in a plane with his pilot friend when he catches sight of a man stranded in a field, and helps rescue him. The man happens to be millionaire Glenway Pippit who is interested in Professor Bullfinch’s new heat ray–but Danny and the Professor must prove to him that the invention can be useful.

Then one afternoon Irene is listening to her shrot-wave radio when she hears about a forest fire nearby. Danny realizes that the Professor and Mr. Pippit drove their cars in that direction. Soon the police spot the men–they are surrounded by fire!

Danny thinks he knows how to rescue them and put the heat ray to practical use…But can he do it in time?

Danny Dunn, Time Traveler (Danny Dunn #8)

Danny, Irene, Joe and Professor bullfinch launch themselves on an amazing journey–in time. They land in the year 1763 and one of the first people they meet is Benjamin Frankly!

The Professor plans to return soon to the future, but when he throws the switch, the time machine won’t start! While he and Mr. Franklin try to repair it, Danny and his friends explore the colonial town–and Joe is kidnapped by an angry innkeeper who mistakes him for a runaway.

Danny and Irene rescue him, but the innkeeper is hot on their trail as they race back to the Professor and Mr. franklin. Will the time machine work now? Or are they stranded in the past forever?

Danny Dunn and the Automatic House (Danny Dunn #9)

This adventure begins in the dark – the dark auditorium at school, where Danny Dunn and his pal, Joe Pearson anxiously watch the final rehearsals of Joe’s play about skulduggery on the moon.

Danny Dunn fans know, though, that their hero is never in the dark for very long, and this time it just takes one word – "robots" – to set off an electronic chain reaction that leads Danny, his friends Joe Pearson, Irene Miller, Professor Bullfinch and the entire faculty of Midston University into the delightfully wacky world of automation.

Danny Dunn And The Voice From Space (Danny Dunn #10)

Danny and his scientist friends decode a message sent eleven light years earlier, informing them that space visitors are en route to earth.

Danny Dunn and the Smallifying Machine (Danny Dunn #11)

Are there enemy spies following Professor Bullfinch? Is he working on a secret government invention?

Danny and his friends, Joe and Irene, decide they must warn the Professor of possible danger. They track him down to an old barn, where he’s hidden his workshop. Once inside all they find is a weird and fascinating machine. Danny tries out one of two levers–but he isn’t prepared for what happens next! He and his friends are trapped inside the machine and shrinking fast…

Danny Dunn and the Swamp Monster (Danny Dunn #12)

To catch a monster, Danny first has to find him. This pursuit takes Danny, his friends Irene and Joe, and Professor Bullfinch, halfway around the world to the wild, almost unexplored swamps of the River Nile in Africa, and the discovery that they are not the only ones on the track.

Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy (Danny Dunn #13)

By accidentally short-circuiting Professor Bullfinch’s new crystalline material, Danny Dunn enables the professor to create a new machine that makes Danny invisible.

Danny Dunn, Scientific Detective (Danny Dunn #14)

Danny Dunn tries to track down the missing manager of the local department store with the aid of a bloodhound robot.

Danny Dunn and the Universal Glue (Danny Dunn #15)

Danny goes fishing, falls into the stream–and discovers to his surprise that the water tastes like lemonade! He and his friends investigate and suspect that the effect is caused by waste from a new factory. Then Danny accidentally helps Professor Bullfinch create a new invesntion–a superglue that can hold anything to anything else. Danny is soon plunged into a wild adventure in which he uses the amazing glue to help him fight water pollution and save his town from destruction in a dramatic emergency!

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