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Daguerreotype: The Mystery of Frédéric Chopin by Lucyna Olejniczak
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Overview: In present-day France, a faded daguerreotype and a bundle of letters send Lucy and Tadeusz off on a voyage of discovery spanning two centuries.

Marie was a young Parisian artist, who died a premature death in the mid-nineteenth century. The yellowed pages of her letters reveal evidence of a secret affair between her and a mysterious, unnamed pianist. Who was the musician? As Lucy delves deeper into the distant past, the signs point towards one person: Frederic Chopin.

Could the dashing, handsome young man Marie writes of so fondly really be the musical genius who inspired generations of artists after him? If so, does that somehow relate to Marie’s premature demise? What happened to her in Paris that changed her life so drastically?

Prepare to meet a side of Frederic Chopin that the history books forgot!
Genre: Fantasy Historical


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