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Dad Bod to Bad Bod: The EXACT Workout and Diet I Followed to Burn Fat and Build Muscle – FAST by Raza Imam
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Overview: I Reveal the EXACTLY What I Ate and Which Workouts I Used to Burn Fat and Build Muscle – Average Guys Like Me Can See Results In As Little As 2 Weeks By Following These Steps
In this short book, I reveal EVERYTHING you need to do to burn fat and build muscle. I left out the fluff, theory, and science and show you the exact action steps you need to take to get the results I got.
I know this is a short book, but do you really need a 300 page book if you want to burn fat and build muscle… or do you need a simple, step-by-step guide showing how what to eat, how much to eat, and what kind of workouts to do? Well that’s what I’ve compiled in this book.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover:

*Pictures of my results
*How I perfected this super-effective nutrition and workout strategy
*The mindset trick I used to stay on my goals
*Exactly what I ate to burn fat and get ripped (and how much you need to eat to do the same)
*The exact meals that I ate that will keep you full AND satisfy your cravings
*2 of the BEST workouts to get ripped at home OR the gym (I reveal exactly why they’re so devastatingly effective)
*The perfect cardio workout to supercharge your fat-burning
*The ONLY 3 ab exercises you need to do for a lean, sculpted six pack
Genre: Non Fiction Exercise & Fitness > Ab Workouts


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