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Crystal Coffin by Anita Bell
Requirements: Epub reader, 490 Kb
Overview: Aaron Fletcher: a wannabe international crime lord who has faked the suicides of two Queensland farmers so he can use their secluded properties to set up an international art forgery ring. Jayson Locklin-Macleod, the suspicious son of one of the murdered farmers—and a nineteen-year-old Australian solider who has just returned from a covert mission in East Timor. Jayson is seeking justice for his father, and he’s prepared to use all his military training and combat experience to secure it. Nikki Dumakis: the heir to a fortune that Aaron Fletcher thinks is his, and a young and vulnerable girl who may or may not be on Jayson’s side. The crystal coffin: a priceless jewelery box, a gift to Nikki from her dead mother, and the vital clue in proving who is innocent—and who is guilty.
Genre: Thriller, Crime, Suspense


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