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Crossover Murder by Nikki Haverstock (Reality TV Cozy Mysteries #2)
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Overview: Being the star of a reality TV show means that all your secrets can come out.

Melissa McBallister and her rescue dog, Bubbles, are stars of the hottest reality show on TV. Savvy Socialites of Fishcreek Falls is so popular that producers have arranged a crossover episode with another show, Texas Shore Cowboys. Their cast arrives with plenty of drama and fighting. It is a surprise to everyone when one of their stars tumbles out of a pink cowboy hat on stage, dead. Melissa steps up to solve the mystery while dodging paparazzi and her own secrets.
Ryan is the producer of the show but finds himself distracted by Melissa. When a female friend from college shows up during the filming of a crossover episode, he wonders if he wants to follow old dreams. There’s no time to ponder his feelings, as the socialites are eager to be the first to solve the latest murder and Ryan must scrabble to get it all on camera.
Genre: Mystery Cozy


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