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Cow Serum by Kimmy Vere
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Overview: Tiffany didn’t think it was possible, but she was volunteered by one of her friends for a special program. As a part of this program, she’ll be given a special medication, stripped, strapped down, and displayed so she can be auctioned off. But that’s not the worst part.

That medication? It’s called Cow Serum, and it can be used to strip away certain parts of her personality. Does she really need to know how to be a woman at this point? Not really. It’ll be better if she can just lactate and crawl like a good barnyard beast. That’s because Tiffany is about to be trained as a hucow. With her body changing and her thoughts drifting, she’s thinking more about sex and just how good it feels to be milked.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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