Download Consciousness and Its Implications by TTC (.MP3)

Consciousness and Its Implications by TTC
Requirements: MP3 Player | 252 MB | 96 kbps
Overview: Course No. 4168 (12 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture). Taught by Daniel N. Robinson Philosophy Faculty, Oxford University; Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, Georgetown University Ph.D., City University of New York

1. Zombies
2. Self-Consciousness
3. The "Problem" of Consciousness
4. The Explanatory Gap
5. Mental Causation
6. Other Minds
7. Physicalism Refined
8. Consciousness and Physics
9. Qualia and the "Mary" Problem
10. Do Computers Play Chess?
11. Autism, Obsession, and Compulsion
12. Consciousness and the End of Mental Life

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