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Collapsing World series by G. Allen Mercer (#1-2)
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Overview: Allen is a passionate writer and storyteller. He fills his books with action, often leaving the reader wanting more. His characters are ones that you can invest in. They are rich with human faults and the limitations of a real world. He is excited about interacting with the fans of the stories that he writes and encourages them to continue challenging him to deliver quality stories of fiction.
Genre: Science Fiction

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Collapsing World: Book 1 Jack and Lucy were unescorted minors, traveling alone through the Atlanta airport, when terrorists attacked the city.
The teens are resourceful, but that will only get them so far. Paired with a group of survivors, they face exposure to radiation, being burned to death, or being trapped forever in the catacombs of the world’s busiest airport.
Not knowing if his children are alive or dead, the teen’s father, David, fights the weight of uncertainty, as he struggles with the consequences from the greater attack happening all around America. Desperate to know the fate of his children, David’s path intersects with another orphan of the attack. He must choose between the risks of going after his children, or helping this young girl find her own family.
Come along as everyday people fight to survive in this new reality, a reality know as Collapsing World.

Collapsing World: Kill Zone: Book 2 In the exciting follow up to the best selling book, Collapsing World, Collapsing World: Kill Zone will put a set of cross-hairs on those that want to survive.
Atlanta has been nuked. Jack and his little sister Lucy have survived being trapped under the Atlanta airport with the help of Army Specialist Clark, Emma, the gate agent and Ed, a curmudgeon of a mechanic that is not thankful to be alive. Clark has promised the teens that he will get them to their father…but is it a promise that is too dangerous to keep?
One hundred and fifty miles away, Jack and Lucy’s father is unaware that his children are still alive. He is struggling with a new normal, and desperate to escape his own city. David has also taken on the role of protector for Tasha, the orphaned daughter of a housemaid, while they fight for their own survival.
Come along as some escape from the radiation and fires, some run from the gangs of freakers and all run from the enemy that has invaded America.

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