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Chirotheres: Tracking the Ancestors of Dinosaurs and Crocodiles by Hendrik Klein, Andrew B. Heckert
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Overview: Comprehensive in detail and worldwide in scope, Chirotheres is the definitive compendium of what is known about the five-toed footprints of Triassic archosaurs, ancestors of the crocodiles. Sandstone slabs with extensive trackways have been known for almost two centuries and are highlights in museum exhibits around the globe. These trackways provide direct insight into the locomotion and behavior of the fascinating reptiles that made these tracks, and, together with known skeletons, they allow a richer reconstruction of chirothere lifestyle than is possible from bones alone. Written by expert researchers in the fields of vertebrate ichnology, vertebrate paleontology, and scientific illustration, Chirotheres explores the various facets ofchirothere research including the history of their study, footprint formation and preservation, the bone record, the environment and lifestyle of chirotheres, and finally, their disappearance at the end of the Triassic. Chirotheres also featuresa global compendium of track collections with chirothere material, including specimen numbers, detailed phylogenetic definitions of track makers, and extensive measurements from key chirothere tracks and trackways. It represents an invaluable resource of anyone interested in these ancient animals.
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