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Charlotte and the Starlet Series (1-3) by Dave Warner
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Overview: Dave Warner is the author of six novels, five non-fiction books and three children’s books. He originally gained national recognition as a musician and songwriter, but more recently music has been secondary to Dave’s career as a writer for stage, television, feature films, radio and newspapers
Genre: Children YA Fiction

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01. Charlotte and the Starlet: Charlotte is a natural horseperson, and now she has the chance to try out for the Junior Olympic Equestrian Squad. But the academy head dislikes her, and Charlotte’s roommates aren’t above playing dirty tricks to get ahead. Leila is a movie star horse with a diva attitude, but when she is suddenly kidnapped, she ends up at Charlotte’s riding academy. Her only way back to Hollywood is to reveal her big secret to Charlotte:
Leila can talk!
Can the two work together to achieve their dreams?

02. A Friend in Need: Charlotte has made it into the prestigious Junior Olympic Equestrian Squad and Leila is having so much fun with Charlotte that she’s given up her sparkling Hollywood movie career for now. Charlotte has also made a friend in the new recruit Hannah, but this means she has less time to spend with Leila—and Leila is a horse who doesn’t like to be ignored! Things get a whole lot worse when Charlotte returns from an academy to discover that Leila has been sold to a disreputable showman. Charlotte has to get Leila back, and it will take all her courage and brains as well as help from Hannah to rescue her best friend.

03. Hooray for Hollywood: When Charlotte’s riding school is sued by one of the Evil Three, there is only one solution: Leila must return to her beloved Hollywood and make a movie to save the academy. But Hollywood has its own problems: snobby stars, rival film-makers, disgruntled employees, and the lure of glamorous parties. While Leila is away, someone kidnaps Sarah-Jane, and no one knows why.
Now Charlotte and her friends have to find out before the film is cancelled and the academy is shut down.

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