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Challenger’s Call series by Nathan A. Thompson (#1-4)
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Overview: Nathan Thompson was born in Michigan, grew up in Texas, and has been trying to get all the stories stuck out of himself for as long as he could remember. He loves reading stories, writing stories, and occasionally voicing stories when people request him to do voice work (currently on hold. Sorry folks!) He lives in Texas (back after four years of super-secret work he totally can’t talk about) with his wife and new son.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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1. Downfall And Rise
Disabled. Disheartened. Disgraced. When a sports injury ruins his body and his memory, Wes Malcolm loses his scholarship and his place in the world. After every treatment fails, he finally accepts his future and dreams to be lost. But the next time he sleeps, he winds up in another world with its own rules. Here, he can grow, learn, and thrive, with no injury or public disgrace to show up and take it all away again. But this world and all its sister planets are under assault from a slavering horde of nightmare creatures. The strange, beautiful steward of these worlds offers him a deal: Save her worlds, and he can take part of the power he gains back to his original body on Earth. He can use that power to undo his condition and gain another shot at all his hopes and dreams. But will removing his disability and stigma be enough for him to become the hero he believes he can be? Come and find out.

2. Brace For the Wolves
Kill the traitor-prince. The cry for his death has followed Wes Malcolm from Earth all the way to Avalon, and an entire new breed of Hordebeast has taken up the call. Howling wolf-men now hunt him as an escaped convict, a false teacher, and a traitor to a legacy he has rejected. Worse yet, he must fight not only for his own freedom, but for the prisoners he has rescued from the dungeon on this ruined world. Now all he needs to do is evade the monsters long enough to get the former hostages to safety, before taking on and defeating the hunters. To do so, he’s going to have to delve into ghosts and secrets from another age, including some explosive secrets of his own heritage. He cannot fall here. Too many worlds have put their hope in him.

3. Woad Children
One tribulation down. To stop the next, he’ll battle through blood and frost. Wes Malcolm has wrested Avalon back from men, monsters, and false gods. The next step is to bring the battle to his enemy’s camp. The world of the Woadlands is under siege from two cataclysms at once. Fey of the winter courts seek to smother the planet in eternal frost, while an alien cancer gnaws at the ancient trees that power the magic of this world. Worst of all, his earthly enemies have spent the last fifty years making both threats far more dire, sabotaging the natives’ every chance at survival. Even the planet’s godlike Icons believe their world is doomed. But the Challenger of Avalon is unconvinced. He has already laid one demigod dead at his feet, and now an army of rescued prisoners and resurrected champions are charging along side of him. The apocalypse is a lie. All is not lost.

4. Lighting Distant Shores
He was too late to stop the darkness from falling. But there’s still time to raise up a light. Wes Malcolm has arrived to the world of the Sun-Jeweled Seas, but the cataclysm of this world has already passed. Darkness covers the waters. All but a handful of people have vanished without a trace. And something dark and burning hunts the survivors hiding in their islands. But the Challenger-Lord of Avalon refuses to believe that all is lost. He is no longer the damaged teenaged orphan that stumbled into the mists of Avalon. He has rescued two worlds, seen the dead resurrected, unearthed forgotten magics, and received the power of two cosmic dragons. Every impossibility thrown at him so far has proven to be a lie. He will not accept defeat here, either. Not until he drives back the darkness hiding every shore.

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