Download Buying His Bride by Alison Ashlyn (.ePUB)

Buying His Bride by Alison Ashlyn (The Donovan Brothers Trilogy #1)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 185 KB
Overview: Romantic-turned-cynic Sierra Callahan is a broke branding consultant in San Francisco who’s gone off men. Desperate to save her home and family business from bankruptcy, she agrees to a marriage of convenience with über-rich, marriage-averse Michael Donovan, who needs a bride fast to satisfy his ailing father. Only thing is, their business arrangement has to look like the real thing—even to their closest friends!
Sierra and Michael fight a sizzling, most unbusiness-like attraction. But attraction isn’t nearly as scary as their growing feelings. When a man from Sierra’s past surfaces and threatens blackmail, will that destroy the no-strings marriage contract—and any chance of happiness Sierra and Michael have?
Genre: Romance


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Download Pale Moonlight Series by Marie Johnston (.ePUB)

Pale Moonlight Series by Marie Johnston (#1-2)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 224 KB, 227 KB
Overview: Marie Johnston grew up in the upper Midwest and planned to go to college for English. Didn’t happen. She started college in accounting and was awful! Grabbing her inner science geek by the pocket protector, she changed to microbiology and medical technology where her only writing involved scientific articles and procedures.
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Book #1 – Birthright
Porter Denlan’s home is in turmoil, his pack lives in fear of their cruel leader, but he knows one female whose birthright can govern them without question. Unfortunately, his nemesis is also searching for her—and it isn’t to bring her back to the home she was taken from.
Raised as a human, Maggie Miller wishes she could connect with her species. But when a sexy carpenter comes into her work making outrageous claims about her destiny, she blows him off—despite her intense attraction toward the rugged male. Hours after she watched his admirable backside walk out, three brutes attack her. Unable to stay away from her, Porter jumps to her aid; they barely escape.
On the run, they learn what Maggie’s birthright truly is—and how it could tear them apart.

Book #2 – Ancient Ties
Born to be Guardians…
Chayton Eagle comes from a strong line of wolf shifters, his father an ancient in their pack. Chayton proudly acts as a Guardian, defending the colonies from danger—both from outsiders and from threats inside the pack. The one thing he doesn’t need is a human-raised female on his team—especially not one who passes out each time she shifts! Never mind that she was trained by elite Guardians, Chayton doesn’t need the distraction of a tall, sexy-as-hell redhead when he’s working. He has to focus. And he has to remember he’s scheduled to take the blood oath with a female, a long-ago pairing arranged by her parents. It doesn’t matter he and Kaitlyn are fated mates.
She can’t be his. Not now. Not ever.
Destined to be Mates.
Kaitlyn Savoy knows Chayton is supposed to be her mate. Too bad he’s such an ass about her human upbringing making her weak. Too bad she’s been assigned as his partner to take down the feral shifters threatening one of the colonies. Too bad she’s so damn attracted to him. As the mission continues, Chayton is captured by the ferals, and Kaitlyn proves her worth as a Guardian. During the rescue, she uncovers the secrets of her past, secrets that will affect her future. Despite his best efforts, Chayton’s opinion of her begins to change, his respect growing—along with feelings he can’t deny. She’s become part of his life, part of his heart. A fact his soon-to-be inlaws notice—and they intend to put an end to the temptation Kaitlyn poses to Chayton.
No matter what.

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Book #2:

Download The DeathSpeaker Codex Series by Sonya Bateman (.ePUB)

The DeathSpeaker Codex Series by Sonya Bateman ( Books 4 & 6)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 536 KB
Overview: Sonya Bateman lives in ‘scenic’ Central New York, with its two glorious seasons: winter and road construction. She is the author of the Gavyn Donatti urban fantasy series (Master of None / Master and Apprentice) from Simon & Schuster, as well as a few modern fairy tale retellings and a little paranormal romance.
Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy


3. Return of the Hunters – My past came with sharp teeth, and I didn’t enjoy letting it bite me."
Gideon Black has just returned from a grueling visit to the Fae realm with a stronger grip on his abilities, both as a half-Fae and the DeathSpeaker. But none of that prepared him to be kidnapped and dragged into a fight against a god.
When the Duchenes’ master, an ancient and powerful Other who’s taken the name of the voodoo god Papa Legba, summons the family for attempting to defy him, Denei Duchene invokes a promise Gideon made long before he knew that promises could kill the Fae. Now he must travel to New Orleans with the secretive siblings and free them from their bonds — or die trying.
But Legba isn’t the only danger lurking in the Louisiana swamps. Milus Dei, the cult dedicated to wiping out the Others, has been recruiting a new breed of hunter. The most dangerous, lethal poachers they can find, heavily financed and retrained to target and capture all types of non-humans.
And the group currently hunting the bayou is all too famliar to Gideon

6. Prison of Horrors – "Hell if I’d let some dead woman get the best of me.
It was supposed to be a break. A few days in Lightning Cove, Maine — a very small town with a very old history — and a chance to get to know Special Agent Calla Frost better. She swore it was just a routine check-in with a research team. No monsters, no magic.But when Gideon arrives in Lightning Cove, things are just a little too perfect. And even before the first dead body — the one that won’t talk to him — he realizes that nothing and no one is what it seems in this place.Including Calla Frost.

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Download Made in America by Jamie Deschain (.ePUB)

Made in America by Jamie Deschain
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 588 KB
Overview: Oh. My. GOSH!
He’s a billionaire playboy with a filthy mouth, and the equipment to back it up.
From TMZ to E! Online, he’s the talk of the town, but this time it’s not because of the women, the money, or the hard body that seems to come naturally to guys like him.
He’s in trouble. Big trouble. And all because of a waitress that couldn’t leave well enough alone.
She’s a spunky English gal trying to make her way in the city that never sleeps.
A tattooed beauty with a zest for life, Raven doesn’t put up with anybody’s crap. Not from her job, not from her roommate, and certainly not from a guy like Grant.
He thinks that with all his money he can just get away with what he did?
Surprise, motherf$$$er!
BUZZFEED: Grant Huffman Offered His Waitress a Tip, and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!
When worlds collide, it’s doubtful at best that these two will be able to resist their libidos, but not everything is all about that bass.
Grant’s got a secret, Raven’s got issues, and when the girl with the sass finds out about the guy with the cash, she’ll also discover the answer to the age old question: what’s love got to do with it? Answer: Everything!
Genre: Romance


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Download Missing by Lisa Harris (.ePUB)

Missing by Lisa Harris (The Nikki Boyd Files #2)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 4.49 MB
Overview: Nikki Boyd isn’t usually called in on homicides; her forte is missing persons. But when a case with two murdered and two missing pops up on a quiet suburban street, she’s ready to start the investigation and find missing homeowners Mac and Lucy Hudson. When the first clues lead her to the boat of her friend Tyler Grant–and another dead body–Nikki must untangle what ties Tyler to the Hudsons. The clues pull her into a deadly maze of counterfeit drugs and a killer who will stop at nothing to silence anyone who threatens his business–including Nikki.
Genre: Romance


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Download Murder Has Nine Lives by Laura Levine (.ePUB)

Murder Has Nine Lives by Laura Levine (A Jaine Austen Mystery #14)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 1.54 MB
Overview: The future is looking bright for freelance writer Jaine Austen. She’s signed up for a new job, she’s looking forward to a tropical vacation, and her cat Prozac is slated to star in a major commercial. But when the claws come out behind the scenes, Jaine worries that murder might be the only thing to meow about. . .
A writer’s life is far from glamorous. Still, Jaine’s new gig to write an ad campaign for Toiletmasters’ new line of self-flushing toilets comes with a few perks–including a date with the president’s dreamy nephew. And with a much-needed trip to Maui on the horizon, it seems life couldn’t get any better–until her cat Prozac is tapped to star in a Skinny Kitty commercial. But Jaine never would have guessed the world of cat food could be quite so catty. . .
Jaine is nervous that Prozac won’t be able to take direction, but the finicky furball ditches her diva behavior for the camera, eating and napping on cue like a seasoned pro. But just as Jaine begins dreaming of fame and fortune, Skinny Kitty’s inventor drops dead on the set. Everyone is a suspect–including Jaine. And she’ll have to get her paws on the truth before the killer takes a swipe at another victim. . .
Genre: Cozy Mystery


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Download Tashi series by Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg (.PDF)

Tashi series by Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg, Kim Gamble (Illustrator) (#1-15)
Requirements: PDF Reader, 26.6 MB, 31.8 MB, 22.8 MB
Overview: Anna Fienberg grew up in a house filled with books. Her mother was a teacher librarian who relished stories as much as chocolates. ‘On Sunday mornings we’d all lie in bed with our books, lost in magical wardrobes, witches’ spells, genies’ magic… What we were going to read next was just as important in our family as what was for lunch!’ says Anna.
Genre: Children Fiction, Picture Book

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image ImageImage Image Image Image

Tashi (#1)
In the first book of the much-adored Tashi series, children are introduced to Jack’s extraordinary imaginary friend Tashi, a gnome-like character from a place far away. Brave Tashi tells adventurous tales of being sold to a warlord and escaping on a swan. This little hero has to be clever to outsmart giants, ghosts, demons, and witches that stand in his way. Young readers will be captivated by Tashi’s tall tales of courage and daring.

Tashi and the Giants (#2)
Tashi’s adventures continue in this second book in the series. The stories that Tashi tells to his friend Jack are always filled with anticipation and excitement. This time, Tashi relates encounters with an angry dragon, a vengeful giant, and a lonely bandit’s wife. Tashi must use all of his courage to escape these foes.

Tashi and the Ghosts (#3)
This third installment in the Tashi series is a spooky tale of ghost monsters lurking in the forest. All of the villagers try to come up with ways to scare off the ghosts, but none of them work. Little Tashi, however, has a brilliant solution. Using a naturally occurring eclipse, Tashi tricks the ghosts and scares them off with his ferocious moon-swallowing, red-whiskered dragon-ghost. Young readers will learn to face their fears as they follow Tashi’s adventures through imaginative locales like the Mountain of White Tigers.

Tashi and the Genie (#4)
Adventurous little Tashi is granted three wishes after encountering a sly genie hiding in an old bowl, in this fourth installment of the Tashi series. Both Tashi and his friend Jack are flabbergasted, however, when Tashi’s wishes don’t quite turn out as he hopes, leaving Tashi face to face with the evil warlord he escaped in his very first adventure. This time the warlord has captured children, and in order to rescue them, Tashi needs to stay one step ahead of the villain’s devious plans. Tashi’s cleverness will ultimately triumph, teaching young readers about the advantage of brains over brawn.

Tashi and the Baba Yaga (#5)
The fifth book in the series finds Tashi sharing a wild tale about Baba Yaga, a witch whose house stands on chicken legs and who likes eating children baked in pies. The excitement continues as this little adventurer recounts his daring escape from the wicked Baron, who traps him as a prisoner for the fearsome River Pirate. When Tashi foils the Baron’s evil plan, Jack’s dad is mesmerized by his bravery.

Tashi and the Demons (#6)
Tashi’s wild exploits continue in this sixth installment of the Tashi series when he runs into a couple of nasty demons and must use the secret of the Dragon’s Blood Tree to escape from trouble. Tashi has to battle the River Pirate again to save his village’s magic bell. Young readers will cheer Tashi along as he displays his cleverness and quick-thinking.

Tashi and the Big Stinker (#7)
Tashi’s life is never dull. In the seventh book of the series, Tashi plots with the wife of Chintu the giant to rid the village of his Only Brother—a giant who will eat anything in sight. Unless Tashi can stop him, Only Brother may even eat the villagers. Things go horribly wrong when a stranger appears with a magic flute, but in the face of trouble Tashi acts fast and saves the village from a terrible disaster.

Tashi and the Dancing Shoes (#8)
There’s no stopping Tashi in his new adventure, where Tashi encounters magic shoes and confronts Uncle Tiki Pu’s sneaky plan at the Emperor’s court. Things are looking great again for Tashi until he visits the fortune teller, Luk Ahed, who tells him that his 10th birthday will be his last. The next morning, Tashi prepares a lavish meal for the protector of long life and begins the race against time. As always, young readers will enjoy the exciting details of Tashi’s tale.

Tashi and the Haunted House (#9)
No one has set foot in the haunted house for years, but there’s a light in the window, and Tashi is going in… What will Tashi do when two mysterious strangers want to race him around the village? It takes more than ghosts or demons to scare Tashi.

Tashi and the Royal Tomb (#10)
Tashi is off on his 10th escapade, and as always, his adventure is spooky and exciting. Tashi is nearly buried alive when an ancient burial site is discovered in the village. To make matters worse, the precious book of spells disappears and the villagers won’t be safe until he finds it. It takes all of Tashi’s courage and cleverness to solve the mystery in the king’s chamber of the ancient tomb and save the town. The thrilling adventures of Tashi are perfect for young independent readers.

Tashi Lost in the City (#11)
Adventurous little Tashi braves the perils of the big city when he and Grandma find themselves lost and far from their village in the 11th installment in the well-established Tashi series. Young Tashi fans will cheer for their hero as he takes on a one-eyed kidnapper, bungling brigands, and other perils in the bustling marketplace. Along with the tales of derring-do, Tashi adventures are filled with themes of bravery, ingenuity, and loyalty.

Tashi and the Forbidden Room (#12)
Young readers will cheer Tashi along as he uses his quick wit and keen bravery to drive the villainous monster Bluebeard from the castle and save the village once again.

Tashi and the Stolen Bus (#13)
Tashi’s exciting adventures continue in the 13th book of this captivating series as he must once again use his clever wit and trickery to outsmart harrowing demons. When the demons hijack one of Can-Du’s buses and kidnap his son in the process, Tashi must get behind the wheel to rescue Little Can-Du and catch the thief red-handed. Brave Tashi must pull out all the stops to drive the evil demons from the village and bring Little Can-Du back to safety.

Tashi and the Mixed-Up Monster (#14)
The 14th book in the ever-popular Tashi series provides great motivational reading for beginners and ideal read-aloud material for teachers, parents, and librarians. Much-to-Learn has got it wrong again—he’s conjured up a hideous monster that’s bursting out of Wise-as-an-Owl’s garden workshop, threatening the whole village and heading straight for Tashi. But clever Tashi always finds a way, and when he is accused of killing the carp in Soh Meen’s pond, he uses a truth potion to find the real culprit. Lively illustrations throughout enhance the reading experience of this animated and exciting tale of courage and honesty.

Tashi and the Phoenix (#15)
Uncle Tiki Pu is in terrible trouble with the War Lord, and Tashi must rely on the help of a phoenix—by a beautiful creature with eyes of crystal and tail feathers of gold—to save him and his family. Then Princess Sarashina’s sister is told she must marry a man who is sneaky and cruel instead of the good, kind Cha Ming who loves her best of all. How will Tashi persuade the powerful emperor to change his mind? It takes more than courage to deal with warlords and emperors, but Tashi always has a clever idea and something useful in his pocket.

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Book 04-09:

Book 10-15:

Download Running the Numbers by Roxanne Smith (.ePUB)

Running the Numbers by Roxanne Smith (The Long Shot Romance #3)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 615 kb
Overview: Love is the riskiest business of all
He’s the hot new guy in the small-town Wyoming office, a bachelor from L.A. with a trail of divorces behind him. But something about Blake Cobb has Sadie Felix setting her sites on him—even though he might just be her biggest competition in the race for a much-coveted promotion. Still, a little workplace rivalry will only make the tension between them more thrilling. At least, that’s what Sadie hopes, until she learns Blake’s already dating the boss’s daughter…
She’s an ambitious corporate climber with a face and a body that could stop a clock. Which is exactly why Blake steers clear of Sadie Felix—he’s been there, done that, with disastrous results. Besides, his new girlfriend is a dead ringer for his first love—the one who got away. But when an office scandal throws the boss’s daughter in a new—and unflattering—light, Blake’s forced to see what’s been right in front of him all along…
Genre: Romance


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Download White Horse Clan series by Lynn Stark (.ePUB)+

White Horse Clan series by Lynn Stark (#7-8)
Requirements: .ePUB .MOBI .PDF Reader | 4 MB / 1.9 MB
Overview: I’m a lifelong resident of Ohio, which is located in the Midwestern section of the United States. I occasionally take brief excursions to other places. I love travel and I love people.
I’m married and have two children. I also have dogs, ferrets, a cat, and a dozen hilarious chickens.
Genre: Romance MM Erotic Paranormal

Image Image

Three Defiant Hearts (#7) Red squirrel shifters Ronnie, Sid, and Marky found their mates, but refuse to complete the mating if their gargoyle mates continue to hunt the trophy hunters. Their defiance leads to their lives changing forever and in ways they could never have foreseen. When they issue their ultimatum to their mates Lorenzo and Michael, they are told they can leave the farm.
Heartbroken, they leave, their pride preventing them from staying to try to repair the damage they had created, but make an amazing discovery instead.
Michael and Lorenzo had not wanted their mates to leave. The three men, however, need to learn what is truly important in life and that some things are more important than the desires of individuals. The trophy hunters need to be stopped. Michael and Lorenzo are determined to do everything within their power to help put an end to the trophy hunters’ vile practices, even sacrificing love, happiness, and their chance to return to human form.

Taming the Human (#8) After more than a thousand years, Jean-Luc had long hoped to find his mates. The first, a human named Brant Larson, was so terrified of Jean-Luc as a gargoyle that he could only mourn the loss. He did so for months, until Dr. Niall Gray revealed he was also Jean-Luc’s mate. The gentle, loving vampire did much to soothe the pain. He now had a future he could look forward to, one they hoped would include children.
When Brant returned unexpectedly to his life, Jean-Luc didn’t know what to expect, especially when a fourth mate was revealed to him. Love, passion, mates, and children: these were all gifts Jean-Luc wanted to have and to share.
But would fate allow him to have it all? Or would it take any chance of happiness away from him, as it had done once before?

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Download Something’s Knot Kosher by Mary Marks (.ePUB)

Something’s Knot Kosher by Mary Marks (A Quilting Mystery #4)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 342 kb
Overview: Funerals can be patchy affairs for Martha Rose and her close-knit circle of friends–especially in the case of a missing body. . .
When Birdie Watson’s husband Russell is killed during a bank robbery, Martha just wants to support her grieving friend. But en route to the burial plot in Oregon, Martha makes a harrowing discovery about the casket’s contents–instead of Russell, she finds an unidentified man. Now Martha and her quilting klatch can’t rest in peace until they unspool the truth behind the macabre mix up. . .
Genre: Cozy Mystery


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