Download Harlequin Intrigue – April 2013 (.ePUB) (.MOBI) (.PDF)

Harlequin Intrigue – April 2013
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI, PDF Readers, 11.3 MB
Overview: Harlequin Intrigue is an imprint from Harlequin which combines romance and suspense. The Harlequin Intrigue line launched in 1984, with The Key by Rebecca Flanders serving as lead title.

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Cardwell Ranch Trespasser by B. J. Daniels: The Cardwell clan has a new, mysterious member. Dana Cardwell warmly welcomed her Justice cousin into the family fold and to the ranch for a reunion. But this cunning kin has other plans for Dana…and designs on her husband, Hud.

Hilde Jacobson has known Dana too long to let her best friend get conned—or worse, killed. Unfortunately Hilde is no match for a skilled impostor who’s duped everyone in the canyon. Only Deputy Marshal Colt Dawson believes Hilde’s claims about the phony relation; only his strong arms have saved her from "accidents" intended to get her out of the way. Together can they convince the Cardwells that a predator lurks in their happy home?

Deadman’s Bluff by Carla Cassidy: FBI agent Seth Hawkins was on a mission to catch a serial killer. Yet his only lead—a mysterious azure-eyed beauty found buried alive in the local sand dunes—had no memory of how she’d been abducted. Or anything else about her identity.

The only thing Tamara Jennings knew for sure was the undeniable attraction she felt for the strong, handsome man who saved her life. It wasn’t long before their passion flared out of control. But as memories of her forgotten past returned, would they lead her to the killer—and to a life she could share with Seth?

Conceal, Protect by Carol Ericson: An undercover spy with the heart of a cowboy…

A disappearing roommate and a break-in are all Noelle Dupree needs to take what may be a permanent vacation. The Colorado ranch she inherited is the perfect getaway. It even comes with a hard-bodied cowboy who seems more than willing to be at her beck and call. But there’s more to "Jared Douglas" than meets the eye.

Although Noelle thinks everything that happened is random, Special Agent J.D. knows better. An international arms dealer has set his sights on Noelle, and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Keeping Noelle safe soon becomes more than just a mission for the highly trained spy. Because this time, it’s not only his career that will suffer if he fails….

Star Witness by Mallory Kane: Storm on the horizon

Dani Canto has precious few people she can trust.

As prosecutor Harte Delancey’s star witness against her grandfather’s murderer, she’s become a prime target—and a courtroom pawn. Protective custody seems to be the only solution, but she’s not expecting Harte Delancey to be her personal bodyguard.

Passion on the rise

Harte vows to protect Dani himself to ensure her safety and testimony. After all, winning the case will also settle an old family obligation. But earning her trust is key. Now with a raging storm threatening New Orleans and gunmen on their heels, Harte must break down the walls Dani has erected around herself. Once he does, not only does he find unexpected passion, but the certainty that the only safe haven is within each other’s arms….

Royal Rescue by Lisa Childs: An agent, an heiress and a deadly rescue mission…

Media heiress Josie Jessup and her son have spent the past several years in witness protection, yet they are anything but safe. When her father is attacked, Josie decides it’s time to return home…and walks right into a deadly trap.

Despite their tumultuous history, FBI agent Brendan O’Hannigan—Josie’s former lover and the last man she wants to see—comes to her rescue. As the main reason Josie had to go into hiding in the first place, Brendan knows he has a lot to prove in order to earn her trust. But to reveal his real motive for taking on this case will destroy everything he’s worked for. Josie has no idea just how important this mission is…or just how far Brendan will go to ensure their reunion remains permanent.

Secure Location by Beverly Long: One secret wouldn’t change their past—but it could shatter their future

Detective Cruz Montoya never knew why his wife, Meg, suddenly ended their happy marriage. But now he’s not leaving her side until he catches the person ruthlessly stalking her. That means turning Meg’s new life inside out and challenging her attempts to keep his investigation—and his body—at arm’s length. Cruz never dreamed Meg’s anguished bravery would bring their unresolved past back with a vengeance. And make the desire between them burn even hotter. Then Meg raises the stakes when she reveals the real reason she walked away. Cruz wants answers and to sort out their future. But first he has to outsmart an obsessed killer who can’t wait to ensure they don’t have one….

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Download Every Conan book ever by Robert E. Howard et al (.MOBi)

Every Conan book ever by Robert E. Howard et al (70+ books)
Requirements: Mobi Reader, 21 MB
Overview: Conan lovers, you have hit the motherload! This is the last iteration of The Conan Compendium and The Conan Chronology. In its totality it gathers together every published story and pastiche written about Conan the Barbarian’s adventures in the English language. It is the only such volume on the internet and contains a large number of novels that have never been digitized before.
As of 2013, this collection of the largest single-protagonist fantasy series of all time is complete, featuring all published (print and out-of-print) work from all the writers of Conan and newly-enhanced versions of de Camp’s paperback works featuring the Wandering Star editions of Howard’s tales in place of Carter and De Camp’s edited versions.
Also included is a brief foreword, a reading guide, a spoiler-ridden synopsis by L. Sprague de Camp and two poems.
From Conan’s humble beginnings in his native Cimmeria to the sack of Venarium through to claiming the crown of Aquilonia and beyond, this collection provides the complete image of the greatest warrior in literary history.

Genre: Fantasy


This complete edition contains the following novels:

      The newly-enhanced Lancer paperback series featuring the original unedited Howard stories:
      Conan of Cimmeria
      Conan the Freebooter
      Conan the Wanderer
      Conan the Adventurer
      Conan the Buccaneer
      Conan the Warrior
      Conan the Usurper
      Conan the Conqueror
      Conan the Avenger
      Conan of Aquilonia
      Conan of the Isles

      The Bantam editions:
      Conan the Swordsman
      Conan the Liberator
      Conan: The Sword of Skelos
      Conan: The Road of Kings
      Conan and the Spider God
      Conan the Rebel
      Conan the Barbarian

      The Ace Maroto editions not already included above:
      Conan and the Sorcerer
      Conan the Mercenary

      The Tor editions:
      Conan the Invincible
      Conan the Defender
      Conan the Unconquered
      Conan the Triumphant
      Conan the Magnificent
      Conan the Destroyer
      Conan the Victorious
      Conan the Valorous
      Conan the Fearless
      Conan the Renegade
      Conan the Raider
      Conan the Champion
      Conan the Defiant
      Conan the Marauder
      Conan the Warlord
      Conan the Valiant
      Conan the Hero
      Conan the Bold
      Conan the Great
      Conan the Indomitable
      Conan the Free Lance
      Conan the Formidable
      Conan the Guardian
      Conan the Outcast
      Conan the Rogue
      Conan the Relentless
      Conan the Savage
      Conan of the Red Brotherhood
      Conan and the Gods of the Mountain
      Conan and the Treasure of Python
      Conan the Hunter
      Conan, Scourge of the Bloody Coast
      Conan and the Manhunters
      Conan at the Demon’s Gate
      Conan the Gladiator
      Conan and the Amazon
      Conan and the Mists of Doom
      Conan and the Emerald Lotus
      Conan and the Shaman’s Curse
      Conan, Lord of the Black River
      Conan and the Grim Grey God
      Conan and the Death Lord of Thanza
      Conan of Venarium

      The Edited Donald M. Grant (Gollancz) editions of Robert E. Howard’s stories:
      The Conan Chronicles I: The Tower of the Elephant
      The Conan Chronicles II: The Hour of the Dragon

      The Original Unedited Robert E. Howard stories and fragments:
      The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian
      The Bloody Crown of Conan
      The Conquering Sword of Conan

      The 2011 movie novel:
      Conan the Barbarian

      Poems and others:
      Foreword and reading order
      The Death-Song of Conan the Cimmerian
      Conan the Indestructible

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Download Circuit Cellar – January-April 2013 (.PDF)

Circuit Cellar –January-April 2013
Requirements: PDF Reader, Size: 65 Mb
Overview: Circuit Cellar magazine specializes in creative solutions, unique applications and useful design techniques for hands-on designers and developers. Circuit Cellar – is the magazine for computer applications and the World’s source for embedded electronics engineering information.
Genre: Magazines


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Download Nuts and Volts – January-April 2013 (.PDF)

Nuts and Volts – January-April 2013
Requirements: PDF Reader, 70 MB.
Overview: Nuts & Volts is the No.1 magazine for those seriously interested in electronics. There now remain only a handful of magazines written for the electronics community with Nuts & Volts being the highest readership, longest running electronics publication left in the US today. And we still have readers and advertisers that have been with us since the early 80s. Nuts & Volts is written for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter. The diversity of subjects appeals to all levels of experience and spans such topics as amateur robotics, circuit design, lasers, computer control, home automation, data acquisition, new technology, DIY projects, electronic theory, analog, and myriad microcontrollers.

Genre: Magazines


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Download Alien Nation Collection by Various Authors (.EPUB)(.MOBI)

Alien Nation Novel Collection (9 books) by Various Authors
Requirements: .Epub & .mobi reader, 10mb
Overview: Alien Nation was a science fiction novel series, based on the movie and television series of the same name. It began in March 1993 with Pocket Books publishing the series. Various books of the series were written by L. A. Graf, Peter David, K. W. Jeter, Barry B. Longyear, David Spencer, Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Judith Reeves-Stevens. All of the books follow the adventures of the Human Detective Matthew Sikes, and his Tenctonese partner George Francisco. Like the TV series, most of the books have two parallel storylines that converge at the end, and most of the novels take modern day issues and put a slightly alien twist on them.
Genre: Sci-Fi

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Alien Nation by Alan Dean Foster
The Adaptation of the movie.

Alien Nation #1: Day of Descent by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, 1993
This book is a prequel to both the movie and television series, in the months leading up to the arrival of the Tenctonese on Earth. Matthew Sikes, a rookie detective, is on his first murder investigation when he stumbles onto a deadly conspiracy that threatens his whole world. Light-years away, a Tenctonese slave named Stangya Soren’tzahh (later to be known as George Francisco) is swept up into his peoples’ fight for freedom against their ruthless masters, the Overseers. The slave ship crash lands on Earth, where Matt and George unknowingly work together to prevent a disaster that could destroy both their species.

Alien Nation #2: Dark Horizon by K. W. Jeter, 1993
This book was released prior to the production of the television movie of the same name. It was written to tie up some of the loose ends of the Alien Nation series at a time when it looked like it was never going to return to television. It recaps the events of "Green Eyes", the last episode of the series, and used the un-produced script from "Dark Horizon", the first episode of what would have been the second season. The Tenctonese are faced with a deadly new bacteria created by a Purist group determined to rid the Earth of all Newcomers. George Francisco’s wife & eldest daughter are infected with the bacteria, and as they lay close to death, a threat to the whole world appears. Someone has come from space to force the Tenctonese back into slavery, and they plan on taking all of humanity too.

Alien Nation #3: Body and Soul by Peter David, 1993
This book was a novelization of the then-unproduced script for what would become the second two-hour television movie of the same name. As with Dark Horizon, the later film was somewhat different from the novel. Matt Sikes and George Francisco investigate the rumor of the birth of a half-human, half-Tenctonese child. Meanwhile, Sikes’ relationship with Tenctonese woman Cathy Frankel starts to get serious.

Alien Nation #4: The Change by Barry B. Longyear, 1994
This novel was based on an unproduced script for what would have been the second television season. George Francisco undergoes a metamorphosis that could mean the beginning of a new life – or his death. George must also face a vicious killer who has sworn revenge on him and his loved ones.

Alien Nation #5: Slag Like Me by Barry B. Longyear, 1994
Journalist named Micky Cass went undercover as a Newcomer to expose the racism and discrimination suffered by the Tenctonese. Now Cass is missing, and Sikes must also disguise himself as a Newcomer to find him. This places Sikes in the path of the worst violence the city has ever seen – and forces him to confront a hidden truth inside himself. Alien Nation: Slag Like Me is an allusion to the book Black Like Me, a 1961 non-fiction book by Caucasian journalist John Howard Griffin, who travelled throughout the racially segregated states of the American South passing as a black man.

Alien Nation #6: Passing Fancy by David Spencer, 1994
Matthew Sikes meets a mysterious woman from his past and is thrown into an investigation of a lethal Newcomer drug. He must then ask the woman he loves to risk her life for someone she’s never even met. The case causes tension to mount between Sikes and Francisco as they discover that some Newcomers will do anything to assimilate into human society – even if it means their destruction.
The book Black Like Me is again mentioned here and is read by Sikes in order to understand.

Alien Nation #7: Extreme Prejudice by L.A. Graf, 1995
This novel sees Matt, the Franciscos’ and Cathy attending a conference in Pittsburgh when a series of murders has them suspecting a Tenctonese creature is on the loose. In a tongue-in-cheek joke by the author, a Tenctonese husband-and-wife writing team use the pen name "L.A. Graf" for the author of a series of science fiction novels.

Alien Nation #8: Cross of Blood by K.W. Jeter, 1995
The most radical of all of the books, "Cross of Blood" explores the possibility of Tenctonese female Cathy Frankel getting pregnant with human Matt Sikes’ child. The resulting political tension and racial riots threaten to tear Los Angeles apart.
This book recalls characters and events from Dark Horizon.

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Download Harlequin Desire – May 2013 (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.PDF)

Harlequin Desire – May 2013
Requirements: ePUB/MOBI/PDF Reader; Size: 7.8mb
Overview: You want to leave behind the everyday! Harlequin Desire stories feature sexy, romantic heroes who have it all: wealth, status, incredible good looks…everything but the right woman. Add some secrets, maybe a scandal, and start turning pages!

Genre: Contemporary Romance


She’s Having the Boss’s Baby by Kate Carlisle
All Systems Are Go!

Ovulation cycle? Check. Estrogen level? Check. Nothing can stop Ellie Sterling’s baby-making attempt at the fertility clinic. Nothing but her CEO boss-and good friend-who offers her an alternative to leaving their island headquarters: let’s make a baby the old-fashioned way.

It isn’t that Aidan Sutherland wants to be a baby daddy; he just doesn’t want to lose his senior VP. But Aidan’s plans for romance and candlelight quickly turn business into pleasure. After one night with his pal Ellie, the bikini-chasing billionaire is dazed, confused and-could it be-in love?

A Very Exclusive Engagement by Andrea Laurence
"What happens in the elevator, stays in the elevator, right?"

Trapped between floors with his spitfire employee, media mogul Liam Crowe can’t control the chemistry. First, Francesca Orr is calling her new boss names in the boardroom; next, she’s kissing him! Now Liam has some choice names for Francesca: fiancée, maybe even wife. Because the only way to keep control of the scandal-plagued news network he’s just acquired is if he settles down, and Francesca is perfect fake-fiancée material. But when she goes along with the plan, things get real-really fast-because there’s nothing fake about Francesca…

The Texan’s Contract Marriage by Sara Orwig
"Marry me…for the baby’s sake."

With a fortune at his disposal, there is little Marek Rangel can’t buy. Now, he has put a price on something priceless: his late brother’s child. He will stop at nothing to ensure the baby’s birthright…even if it means marrying a complete stranger.

A rising opera star, Camille Avanole relishes her independence, but she loves her child more. The billionaire rancher will give her son security and a chance to know his Texan heritage. So she agrees to Marek’s demands, telling herself she won’t fall in love-because if she does, he will only break her heart….

The Return of the Sheikh by Kristi Gold
His Latest, Greatest Conquest

After a seven-year absence, Crown Prince Zain Mehdi returns to his throne with a tarnished reputation and finds a fiery, blue-eyed political consultant named Madison Foster to help him repair it. But Madison isn’t just another plaything for the sheikh….

A romance between a royal and a commoner is forbidden, yet Madison can’t resist the passionate nights in Zain’s bed, lying spent in his strong arms. Loving the crown prince is dangerous enough, but would Madison’s latest secret-a royal baby of her own-derail Zain’s reign for good…or end in happily ever after?

Temporarily His Princess by Olivia Gates
"Get a wife. ASAP."

When his king says Prince Vincenzo D’Agostino must marry, the confirmed bachelor knows only one woman will do: Glory Monaghan, the lover who betrayed him six years ago. By forcing her hand, he’ll appease his ruler-and get the woman he can’t forget out of his system forever.

But Vincenzo’s proposal is the last thing Glory expects. His long-ago rejection nearly destroyed her-how can she say yes now, even for show? Yet she has no choice. Becoming Vincenzo’s temporary wife will save her family-even if giving in to the prince’s passion will surely leave her yearning for more….

Straddling the Line by Sarah M. Anderson
She Only Wants to Belong

CFO Ben Bolton has enough on his plate running his family business. But when lovely Josey White Plume enters his office, his priorities shift. He refuses to let such a compelling woman walk away. The chase is on.

All her life, Josey has sought one thing: to fit in with her Lakota family. She has no time for some sexy rich guy’s pursuit. But she can’t stop thinking about Ben-wanting him…kissing him. Yet falling for a wealthy outsider will destroy everything she’s worked for-unless she can find a way to straddle the line between his world and hers.

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Download Harlequin Blaze – May 2013 (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.PDF)

Harlequin Blaze – May 2013
Requirements: ePUB/MOBI/PDF Reader; Size: 9mb
Overview: You like it hot! Harlequin Blaze stories sizzle with strong, sexy heroines and irresistible heroes playing the game of modern love and lust. They’re fun, flirty and always steamy.

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Leslie Kelly – Waking Up to You and Overexposed
Hollywood costume designer Candace Reid would do anything for her gay best friend–even marry him! But before giving up on sex for a while, she needs that last fling. Only, when her injured grandfather asks for her help with his struggling Napa vineyard, her plan for Nooky Time is completely kiboshed….
Then she meets the mouthwateringly hot new groundskeeper, Oliver McKean, and it’s a case of instant lust. And damned if Oliver doesn’t seem as hungry as she is….
Before long, Candace is gettin’ naughty with the hired help. But her secret is bound to come out eventually. And when it does, she’ll have to choose between a promise to her dearest friend…and the man whose body she can’t live without.

Overexposed: When a bad girl hooks up with a bad boy, you know the sex is going to be wicked!

Jennifer LaBreque – Northern Rebel and Daring in the Dark
Locate the explosive. Defuse or safely detonate it. It’s a job that takes cojones, and one wrong move could land marine demolitions expert Lars Reinhardt in the hurt locker…or in the morgue. But it takes a leave in Good Riddance, Alaska, for Lars to meet his greatest–and prickliest–challenge yet. And he’ll need more than charm to disarm this stunning nurse….
Delphi Reynolds has declared that emotionally unavailable dudes are the new no-no. And while she’s tempted to let Lars light her libido’s fuse, he’s oï¬?-limits–no matter how sexy, charming or freakin’ gorgeous he is! But Lars lives for a challenge, and he wants Delphi for the week. And once they ignite, it’ll set off a fiery chain reaction that could blow them both away….

Daring in the Dark: What’s a guy to do when he’s in love with his best friend’s girl? Not much…until a blackout allows him—and his girl—to see the light….

Joanne Rock – My Double Life and Wild and Wicked
As a financial researcher at a successful firm, I’m all about professionalism. At the office I’m calm, capable…and when a delish new client like Trey Fraser shows up, I retreat behind a facade that hides my deepest insecurities.
Pole-dancing class makes me come alive. So when I’m asked to stand in as a feature dancer for one night, all I need is a mask and the knowledge that as "Natalie Night," I’m irresistible. But when I see Trey in the front row, I turn up the heat–big-time! And suddenly I’m offering a provocative private dance meant only for him….
My alter ego has just opened the door to the one man who is totally off-limits. The man whose eyes tell me how badly he wants me. And the one man who can never know who I really am…

Wild and Wicked: How does a girl make her sexy best friend notice her as a woman? Why, kidnap him, of course!

Tawny Weber – Midnight Special and Coming On Strong
Somewhere on the train is a key witness for a crime involving arson, murder and a high-profile businessman. And reporter Marni Clare will do whatever it takes to get the story–even if it means crashing in a sleeper car that she’s not sure she’s reserved. But when she wakes, she finds herself curled up with the man she’s seeking…and he’s hot enough to derail all her plans!
FBI special agent Hunter won’t complain about the wickedly hot blonde in his arms. And maybe it’s the medication he’s on, but he’s even agreed to share his room for the entire journey….
It’s a long trip in close quarters, and within days their berth becomes the scene of some steamy railway romps. But is Marni just having fun…or is she taking Hunter for a ride?

Coming On Strong: Runaway bride Belle Forsham intends to win her groom back—and she’s going to start by showing him exactly what he’s been missing….

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Download 54 x Short Stories by Various Authors (.ePUB)(.PDF)

54 x Short Stories by Various Authors (All Authors listed with Titles)
Requirements: ePUB reader 9 MB
Overview: A Collection of Romantic Erotic Short Stories
Genre: MM


Lessons in Mastery (Books 1,2,3) – Laine Williams

Used, Rare and LTD Editions (Books 1,2,3) – Chris Owen

9 x Kiss Me at Midnight
Retirement – Sasha L Miller
Montmarte – Emily Gould
Midnight Strokes – Terry Milien
How About a Boyfriend – T T Kove
Hadash Aviv – Mell Eight
Foundations Weak and Strong – Rachel white
Feather’s Kiss – Robin White
Campbell Carter’s New Year Surprise – Casey Cloud
A White Kiss – Craig L James

5 x Novellas by Dick Powers
Ripped Undress Me. Don’t be Gentle – Cupid’s Island 1
White Bible 1 – Preacher
Gay Stables 1 – Glory Holes
Gay Business – Salesman
Daddy Knows Best – Bad Grandpa 1

12 x PDF Short Stories
Marooned – Suzanne Mary
A New Beginning – Suzanne Mary
Son of Santa – F Gordon Scott
The Novelty Maker – Sasha L Miller
Romeo Romeo – Pete Lockyer
Keeping scerets – L D Madison
Herr Melby Makes Coffee – Gavin William Wright
Geisha (A Shadow Wolf Preqel) – Sessha Batto
Giving it Over – Sasha J Frost
Dreaming Sparta – Fazio Richard
Banging The Basketball Star – Donovan Starr
Daddy’s Boi – Alistaire Anders

22 x ePUB Short Stories
Twelve Hours II – Drew Hunt
The War at the End of the World – Heidi Belleau, Violetta Vane
The Substitute Wife – Keegan Kennedy
Slippery When Wet – Laura Baumbach
Skin Deep – L M Brown
Arson of the Heart – Sasha L Miller
Pleasures of Sommerville Park – Ava March
Part of Me – L E Harner
My Straight Roommate – Scott Brand
My Boyfriend’s a Werewolf – Barry Lowe
Sucked – Mia Watts
Lucky – Ana Bosch
Lust and Skin – Jamie Lowe
In The Wings – Shannon Pearce
Hard – Jamieson Wolf
Maybe This Time – Eva Clancy
Enthralled – Kayci Morgan
Deep Trouble Undercover – Vincent Diamond
Corruption – Jack Greene
Breaking the Huddle – Alyssa Fox
Boy Crazy – Shay Kassa
Any Excuse – Acer Adamson

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Download Collection of Books by Elizabeth Moon (.ePUB)

Collection of Books by Elizabeth Moon
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 6,5mb
Overview :Moon was born Susan Elizabeth Norris and grew up in McAllen, Texas. She started writing when she was a child and first tried a book, which was about her dog, at age six. She was inspired to write creatively, and says that she began writing science fiction in her teens, considering it a sideline.
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Image Image Image

The Deed of Paksenarrion (one book)
Sheepfarmer’s Daughter (June 1988)
Divided Allegiance (October 1988)
Oath of Gold (January 1989)

The Legacy of Gird novels (one book)
Surrender None (June 1990)—prequel to The Deed of Paksenarrion
Liar’s Oath (May 1992)—sequel to Surrender None
The Legacy of Gird (September 1996)—paperback omnibus
to be available as A Legacy of Honour (paperback omnibus) in November 2010

Paladin’s Legacy novels
Oath of Fealty (March 2010)—sequel to Oath of Gold
Kings of the North (March 2011)
Echoes of Betrayal (February 2012)

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Download 30 Novels by Harlan Coben (.ePUB)

30 Novels by Harlan Coben
Requirements: ePUB Reader | 20.6 MBs | Version(s): Retail
Overview: Winner of the Edgar Award, Shamus Award and Anthony Award – the first author to win all three — New York Times bestseller Harlan Coben’s critically-acclaimed novels have been called "poignant and insightful" (Los Angeles Times), "consistently entertaining" (Houston Chronicle), "superb" (Chicago Tribune) and "must reading" (Philadelphia Inquirer).
Genre: Mystery


Myron Bolitar
1. Deal Breaker (1995)
2. Drop Shot (1996)
3. Fade Away (1996)
4. Back Spin (1997)
5. One False Move (1998)
6. The Final Detail (1999)
7. Darkest Fear (2000)
8. Promise Me (2006)
9. Long Lost (2009)
10. Live Wire (2011)
11. Home (2016)

Mickey Bolitar
1. Shelter (2011)
2. Seconds Away (2012)
3. Found (2014)

Play Dead (1990)
Miracle Cure (1991)
Tell No One (2001)
Gone For Good (2002)
No Second Chance (2003)
Just One Look (2004)
The Innocent (2005)
The Woods (2007)
Hold Tight (2008)
Caught (2010)
Stay Close (2012)
Six Years (2013)
Missing You (2014)
The Stranger (2015)
Fool Me Once (2016)
Don’t Let Go (2017)

Download Instructions:
Don’t Let Go:

Don’t Let Go: