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Burke Series by Andrew Vachss (Books 1 -18)
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Overview: Andrew Vachss has been a federal investigator in sexually transmitted diseases, a social-services caseworker, a labor organizer, and has directed a maximum-security prison for "aggressive-violent" youth. Now a lawyer in private practice, he represents children and youth exclusively. He is the author of numerous novels, including the Burke series, two collections of short stories, and a wide variety of other material including song lyrics, graphic novels, essays, and a "children’s book for adults." His books have been translated into twenty languages, and his work has appeared in Parade, Antaeus, Esquire, Playboy, The New York Times, and many other forums. His books have been awarded the Grand Prix de Littérature Policiére, the Falcon Award, Deutschen Krimi Preis, Die Jury des Bochumer Krimi Archivs and the Raymond Chandler Award (per Giuria a Noir in Festival, Courmayeur, Italy)…
Genre: Fiction: Mystery/Thriller


Flood (Book 1)
Burke’s newest client is a woman named Flood, who has the face of an angel, the body of a high-priced stripper, and the skills of a professional executioner. She wants Burke to find a monster for her — so she can kill him with her bare hands. In this cauterizing thriller, Andrew Vachss’s renegade private eye teams up with a lethally gifted avenger to follow a child’s murderer through the catacombs of New York, where every alley is blind and the penthouses are as dangerous as the basements. Fearfully knowing, crackling with narrative tension, and written in prose as forceful as a hollow-point slug, Flood is Burke at his deadliest — and Vachss at the peak of his form.

Strega (Book 2)
Andrew Vachss’s implacable private eye has a new client, Strega. She wants Burke to find an obscene photograph–and that search will take him into the ocean that flows just beneath the city, an ocean whose currents are flesh and money, the anguish of children and the pleasure of twisted adults. It is a place that Burke can visit only at the risk of his sanity and his life. But between the power of Strega and his own sense of justice, there is no turning back. In Strega one of our most acclaimed crime writers gives us a thriller that might have been imagined by Dante. For this is a tour of hell with no stops left out, conducted by a novelist who writes with the authority of the damned.

Blue Belle (Book 3)
In Andrew Vachss’s tautly engrossing novel Burke is given a purse full of dirty money to find the infamous Ghost Van that is cutting a lethal swath among the teenage prostitutes in the ‘hood. He also gets help in the form of a stripper named Belle, whose moves on the runway are outclassed only by what she can do in a getaway car. But not even. Burke is prepared for the evil that is behind the Ghost Van or for the sheer menace of its guardian, a cadaverous karate expert who enjoys killing so much that he has named himself after death.

Hard Candy (Book 4)
In this mercilessly compelling thriller, Burke–the private eye, sting artist, and occasional hit man who metes out a cruelly ingenious vengeance on those who victimize children–is up against a soft-spoken messiah, who may be rescuing runaways or recruiting them for his own hideous purposes. But in doing so Burke becomes a target for an entire Mafia family, a whore with a heart of cyanide, and a contract killer as implacable as a heat-seeking missile. Written with Vachss’s signature narrative overdrive–and his unnerving familiarity with the sub-basement of American crime–Hard Candy is vintage Burke.

Blossom (Book 5)
In Blossom, an old cellmate has summoned Burke to a fading Indiana mill town, where a young boy is charged with a crime he didn’t commit and a twisted serial sniper has turned a local lovers’ lane into a killing field. And it’s here that Burke meets Blossom, the brilliant, beautiful young woman who has her own reasons for finding the murderer–and her own idea of vengeance. Dense with atmosphere, savagely convincing, this is Vachss at his uncompromising best.

Sacrifice (Book 6)
What–or who–could turn a gifted little boy into a murderous thing that calls itself "Satan’s Child"? In search of an answer, a man named Burke travels from a festering welfare hotel to a neat frame house where a voodoo priestess presides over a congregation of assassins. For this vigilante and unlicensed private eye has made it his business to defend the small victims whom the law has failed–even a child who has been made into a killer.

Down in the Zero (Book 7)
Now Burke is back, investigating an epidemic of apparent suicides among teenagers of a wealthy Connecticut suburb. There he discovers a sinister connection between the anguish of the young and the activities of an elite sadomasochistic underground, for whom pan and its accompanying rituals are a source of pleasure–and power

Footsteps of the Hawk (Book Eight)
In Footsteps of the Hawk Burke himself is in danger of becoming a victim. Two rogue cops are stalking him. The coolly seductive Belinda Roberts wants him to free a man charged with a grisly string of rape-murders. The brutal and half-crazy Detective Jorge Morales may be trying to frame Burke for the same crimes. What ensues is a novel of high-wire suspense and nightmarish authenticity informed by an insider’s knowledge of the city where everything–from flesh to other people’s cellular phone numbers–is up for sale.

False Allegations (Book 9)
Burke’s new employer is Kite, a fanatical crusader who specializes in debunking "false allegations of child sexual abuse. Kite has a case that may be the real thing, but needs Burke to tell him if it is. And if mere money can’t persuade Burke to cooperate, Kite has plenty of other incentives at his disposal–including a fanatical bodyguard with a taste for corsets and brass knuckles. A tour guide to hell written in icy prose, False Allegations is Vachss at his most unnerving.

Safe House (Book 10)
Burke’s client is Crystal Beth, a beautiful outlaw with a tattoo on her face and a mission burned into her heart. She is trying to shield one of her charges from a vengeful ex with fetishes for Nazism and torture. But the stalker has a protector, someone so informed, so ruthless, and so connected that he need only make a few phone calls to shut down Crystal Beth’s operation for good–and Burke along with it. Sinuous in its complexities, brutal in its momentum, Safe House is Burke at the edge of his nerve and cunning. And it’s Vachss at the peak of his form….

Choice of Evil (Book 11)
When his girlfriend, Crystal Beth, is gunned down at a gay rights rally in Central Park, Burke, the underground man-for-hire and expert hunter of predators, vows vengeance. But someone beats him to the task: a shadowy killer who calls himself Homo Erectus and who seems determined to wipe gay bashers from the face of the earth. As the killer’s body count rises, most citizens are horrified, but a few see him as a hero, and they hire Burke to track him down…and help him escape…

Dead and Gone (Book 12)
Urban Outlaw Burke barely survives an attack by a professional hit squad that kills his partner. With a new face, Burke goes into hiding. And on the hunt. Dead and Gone takes him from the streets of New York City through a cross-country underground, and deep into his own tortured past. The violent journey ends in a place that exists only in the dreams of the darkest degenerates on earth.

Pain Management (Book 13)
Burke is back, but still lurking in the shadows, unable to return home. He is prowling the unfamiliar streets of Portland, Oregon, in search of a runaway teen. By all accounts, Rosebud Carlin is a happy, well-adjusted girl. She doesn’t fit the profile of the runaway kids Burke knows so well and once was. But there’s something about her father. Burke knows the street script, but the actors are all strangers. Cut off from his family and his network of criminal contacts, Burke is forced into a dangerous alliance with a renegade group dedicated to providing relief to those in intractable pain by any means necessary. A bargain is struck, and the fuse is lit. Heart-stopping and hard-hitting, Pain Management is the latest bout in Andrew Vachss’s thrilling reign as undisputed champ of brass knuckles noir.

Only Child (Book 14)
It’s been years since Burke has been home, years since he’s seen his "family" and worked in the underbelly of New York City. Although his appearance has changed, his reputation grown dusty and his wallet thin, his skills and his crew remain razor sharp. So when he is contacted by a mob boss to investigate the murder of his illegitimate daughter, Vonni, Burke takes the job and begins searching for an unspeakably brutal killer. Posing as a casting director looking for tomorrow’s stars, Burke reaches out to the high school students who knew Vonni, and may know the identity of the killer. Before long he unearths a perverse enterprise–a young director pursuing a brutal new type of cinema verité.

Down Here (Book 15)
For years Burke has harbored an outlaw’s hard love for Wolfe, the beautiful, driven former sex-crimes prosecutor who was fired for refusing to "go along to get along." So when Wolfe is arrested for the attempted murder of John Anson Wychek, a vicious rapist she once prosecuted, Burke deals himself in. That means putting together a distrustful alliance between his underground "family of choice," Wolfe’s private network, and a rogue NYPD detective who has his own stake in the outcome…

Mask Market (Book 16)
Burke, the relentless urban mercenary, returns in this riveting new thriller by bestselling author Andrew Vachss. Two decades ago, Burke "recovered" a teenage runaway from a pimp. Now she’s on the run, again. After seeing the man who hired him to find her gunned down by a professional hunter-killer team, Burke realizes he could be next. The master urban survivalist knows he has to finish the job to learn the truth, only now he’s looking for a predator, not a victim. The search will force Burke to walk down the one dark alley that has always terrified him — his past.

Terminal (Book 17)
After years of carefully working the edges, a blood-commitment forces Burke’s return to his former career: "violence-for-money." Claw, once the shot-caller of a white supremacist prison gang is free . . . and terminally ill–he desperately needs a pile of cash to bet on a long-shot cure. He tells Burke about a punk who once purchased protection from him, a man who claims to know the truth behind a "cold case, " the unsolved rape-murder of a thirteen-year-old girl. The killers are all weathly men today, ideal blackmail marks. But wealth is power, and the informant needs Claw’s protection again. Burke decides to roll the dice. A win would give Burke the two things he lives for: Money and Revenge. A loss would turn "terminal" from a diagnosis into a certainly, and not just for Claw.

Another Life (Book 18)
In this blistering conclusion to the nationally bestselling series, Burke is forced into a journey that will change the lives of the urban survivalist and his outlaw family forever.The only person Burke has ever called father, known throughout the underground as "The Prof," is in a coma, barely clinging to life in an off the-books hospital. So when Pryce, a slippery man with government connections, offers the best medical services for the Prof and a clean slate for all concerned, Burke takes the contract without reading it. The two-year-old son of a Saudi prince has been kidnapped. A highly professional snatch; no mistakes, no clues, and no ransom note. Burke’s job: get the kid back, whatever it takes. To do so, the ultimate man-for-hire must return to the day "Baby Boy Burke" was written on his birth certificate, and write, in the blood of his enemies, the final act of this story.

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Download Firstborn Series by Various Authors (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Firstborn Series by Various Authors
Requirements: ePUB and MOBI Readers, 3.74 MB
Overview: Harlequin Enterprises Limited is a Toronto-based company that publishes series romance and women’s fiction. Owned by the Torstar Corporation, the largest newspaper publisher in Canada, the company publishes approximately 120 new titles each month in 29 different languages in 107 international markets on six continents. These books are written by over 1,300 authors worldwide, offering readers a broad range of fiction including romance, psychological thrillers and relationship novels. The company reported sales of 131 million books in 2006—half overseas and 96% outside of Canada.
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Born Brave by Ruth Wind
She can fight; she can shoot; she can walk like a princess. So when Laurie Lewis lands the opportunity to impersonate the beloved Montebellan princess, she feels prepared for the terrorists’ plot of kidnapping. She’s not quite so prepared to handle her bodyguard. All her life Laurie has fought to be taken seriously. When bodyguard ex-cop Hawk Stone underestimates her abilities, she proves her point. But she can’t deny the passion his green eyes ignite.
Wounded by tragic losses, Hawk had retreated to the desert to nurse his wounds until his father convinces him to accept this assignment. They plan to set a trap for the terrorists, using Laurie as bait as she travel across the United States impersonating the Montebellan princess on a publicity tour. Hawk believes Laurie to be too young and too naive to handle this dangerous assignment. But since she’s a dead ringer for the princess, and well versed in all the areas of intelligence that would effect this assignment. Now, despite his efforts to keep their relationship strictly business, Hawk finds his imagination captured by this sultry seductress turned princess.

Born to Protect by Virginia Kantra
Jack Dalton was out of the business of saving lives— until his expertise was needed to safeguard Princess Christina Sebastiani of Montebello from dangerous kidnappers. Holed up together day in and day out in a Montana hideaway, the brooding bodyguard and the scholarly virgin battled flaring tempers— and smoldering passions. Yet, despite their friction, Christina clearly ached for much more than Jack’ s fierce protection, and she beckoned him irresistibly close whenever she gazed up at him with her trusting blue eyes. Why, if Jack didn’ t watch out, the blushing princess just might penetrate the bulletproof armor around his world-weary heart!

Born Royal by Alexandra Sellers
All of Tamir celebrated Sheik Rashid Kamal’s heroic homecoming, but he would not rest until Princess Julia Sebastiani accepted his hand in marriage. During a forbidden night of desire, Rashid and Julia had surrendered to the ultimate temptation. And now that the radiant princess was pregnant with the sheik’s heir, he knew their only recourse was to enter into a marriage bargain that would ensure their child’s legacy—and unite their dueling kingdoms. Yet if truth were told, Rashid could not rationalize the surge of possessiveness he felt for a defiant Julia whenever her soft, yielding lips branded his heart and soul. What would it take for these tempestuous lovers to fulfill their royal destiny?

Born in Secret by Kylie Brant
"I’ve courted danger all my life." –Walker James, international spy

Walker James felt a rush of adrenaline when he was assigned to infiltrate a terrorist compound and discover the location of a deadly virus. However, the brazenly sexy spy was incensed to learn he would be partnered with Jasmine LeBarr on this perilous mission. Walker had had the misfortune of tangling with the bewitching Moroccan beauty once before, and her savvy one-upmanship had dented his fierce macho pride. Still, as they raced against time to safeguard the royal Kamal sheikdom from a diabolical scheme, he couldn’t deny the aching, elemental needs Jasmine stirred in him. Now their electrifying attraction promised to either rekindle a once-in-a-lifetime love–or totally consume them both!

Born of Passion by Carla Cassidy
"Failure isn’t an option!" —Kyle Ramsey, top-gun pilot

The tension between Montebello and Tamir was escalating when Firstborn Son Kyle Ramsey embarked on a special operation to patrol the skies between the two feuding territories. His mission? Ward off acts of terrorism—and stake a claim on his woman and child. Three months ago he had shared a stolen night of passion with a mysterious beauty, which had stirred Kyle’s heart, fulfilled his every fantasy—and left Joanna Morgan pregnant with his baby! Trouble was, Joanna had had her fill of rootless military men and now refused to surrender to Kyle’s seductive powers of persuasion. But this was one battle that Kyle was determined to win….

Born a Hero by Paula Detmer Riggs
This Firstborn Son thought he was prepared for anything— except teaming up with his beautiful former flame on a crucial rescue mission.
Lives were at stake when Dr. Elliot Hunter was called on by his father to report to Montebello after a bombing. Word had it that this terrorist act was the result of the long-raging feud between the powerful Kamal and Sebastiani kingdoms. Years ago, an emotionally bereft Elliot had ended his short-lived affair with Katherine Remson, and returned to the field, shattering her dreams. But now, working together around the clock was healing old wounds and rekindling pent-up desires. Could Elliot restore hope to Montebello— and the heart of the woman he loved?

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Download Fantasy Collection by David Gemmell (.EPUB)

Fantasy Collection by David Gemmell
Requirements: .epub reader, 18.4 mb,
Overview: Fantasy David Andrew Gemmell (1 August 1948 – 28 July 2006) was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy. A former journalist and newspaper editor, Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in 1984. He went on to write over thirty novels. Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell’s works display violence, yet also explore themes of honour, loyalty and redemption. With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sell worldwide.
Genre: Fantasy


Drenai Series
Legend (1984) (Originally published in the USA as Against the Horde, re-released as Legend)
The King Beyond the Gate (1985)
Waylander (1986)
Quest for Lost Heroes (1990)
Waylander II: In the Realm of the Wolf (1992)
The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend (1993)
The Legend of Deathwalker (1996)
Winter Warriors (1996)
Hero in the Shadows (2000)
White Wolf (2003)
The Swords of Night and Day (2004)

Rigante series
Sword in the Storm (1999)
Midnight Falcon (2000)
Ravenheart (2001)
Stormrider (2002)

Stones of Power / Sipstrassi tales
This series is known by several names. The entire series deals with the Stones of Power, also known as the Sipstrassi. The first two books contain a re-imagining of the Arthurian legend. The last three novels involve the protagonist Jon Shannow. The first four novels were published in an omnibus edition as Stones of Power: A Sipstrassi Omnibus in 1992. Sipstrassi is also used in the Greek series by Aristotle to perform feats of magic

Ghost King (1988)
Last Sword of Power (1988)
Lion of Macedon (1990)
Dark Prince (1991)

Jon Shannow
Wolf in Shadow (1987)
The Last Guardian (1989)
Bloodstone (1994)

Hawk Queen series
Ironhand’s Daughter (1995)
The Hawk Eternal (1995)

Individual fantasy titles
Knights of Dark Renown (1989)
Morningstar (1992)
Dark Moon (1996)
Echoes of the Great Song (1997)

Historical fiction

Troy series
Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow (2005)
Troy: Shield of Thunder (2006)
Troy: Fall of Kings (2007)

Greek series
Lion of Macedon (1990)
Dark Prince (1991)

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Download Harlequin Blaze – June 2013 (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.PDF)

Harlequin Blaze – June 2013
Requirements: ePUB/MOBI/PDF Reader; Size: 5.3mb
Overview: You like it hot! Harlequin Blaze stories sizzle with strong, sexy heroines and irresistible heroes playing the game of modern love and lust. They’re fun, flirty and always steamy.

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Janelle Denison – No Strings …
The Chloe Reiss Guide…to success, money and wickedly hot men!
1. No relationships. Guys are just for playing with!
2. Self-sufficiency will get you everywhere.
3. Work hard. Make your own money.
4. Don’t sleep with your work colleagues (like übersexy Aiden Landry). They’re competition!
5. Well. Okay, maybe just a little flirting…
6. Business trips with a sexy colleague to exotic locations can be dangerous. And tempting. Resist him!
7. Okay, at least restrict your trysts to nighttime naughtiness.
8. Maintain professionalism at all times (e.g., no drooling on the hot man you’re getting dirty with).
9. And whatever you do…don’t get caught!

Jo Leigh – All the Right Moves
They don’t call air force captain John Devlin the "Devil" for nothing. He lives for high-risk maneuvers, both in the cockpit and in the bedroom! Now stalled at a career crossroads, John has less than two weeks to decide whether he should reenlist or shed the uniform. But then the devil meets his match in a fiery little bartender…. A flyboy – even a wickedly hot one – is the last thing Cassie O’Brien needs. Between the bar and grad school, she is stretched to her limit. Yet the scorch and sizzle between them proves to be too much temptation, and Cassie gives in to sweet, sweet sin. But when she sleeps with this devil, she’ll get more than she ever bargained for….

Debbi Rawlins – From this Moment On
Cowboy and lady-magnet TraceMcAllister has a problem…and she’s petite, with almond-shaped eyes and a body that makes his libido beg for mercy. Sure, the Sundance Dude Ranch has attracted a bevy of gorgeous townie women. But not one draws him in like sexy little Nikki Flores. Nikki isn’t looking to play games with some good-lookin’ charmer of a cowboy. She knows better – or should. Besides, she’s in Blackfoot Falls only long enough to figure out her next move. And the last thing she needs is to get tied down…or tied up! But all they need is one moment–the moment when temptation takes over….

Vicki Lewis Thompson – I Cross My Heart
Self-help guru Bethany Grace has returned home to clean up the now-decrepit family ranch after her father’s death. Rather than just set the whole place ablaze (her first choice), she settles for a nice symbolic little blaze outside…until things get out of hand! Cowboy Nash Bledsoe is working at the Last Chance Ranch next door when he sees the smoke. Bethany is the last person he expects – or wants – to see. How can he explain that she’s indirectly responsible for ruining his life? Still, there’s an opportunity for Nash to buy the ranch if he can help restore it, and the two strike a deal. But there’s a whole lot of chemistry in the fine print, and Nash is about to discover that where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

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Download Harlequin Desire – June 2013 (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.PDF)

Harlequin Desire – June 2013
Requirements: ePUB/MOBI/PDF Reader; Size: 7.4mb
Overview: You want to leave behind the everyday! Harlequin Desire stories feature sexy, romantic heroes who have it all: wealth, status, incredible good looks…everything but the right woman. Add some secrets, maybe a scandal, and start turning pages!

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Sunset Seduction by Charlene Sands
The night she’ll never forget…is a night he can’t remember

Audrey Thomas can’t forget the night of passion she shared with Lucas Slade, the man she’s loved for years. But it seems the sexy, superrich rancher has no clue who warmed his bed!

The mystery seductress at his Lake Tahoe retreat was Audrey? His best friend’s off-limits kid sister? Now she’s back at Sunset Ranch…and having his baby! Honor bound to do the right thing, Lucas never reckons she’ll say I won’t to his proposal-or that she’ll settle for nothing less than all this cowboy has to give.

Affairs of State by Jennifer Lewis
American Royalty

First she discovers she’s the secret daughter of the American president, then she falls for a British prince. Ariella Winthrop’s life can’t get much more complicated. Or can it?

Having fun with Simon Worth-passionate meetings, hiding their attraction from the public-is one thing. But getting serious? The British monarchy certainly doesn’t want their beloved prince dating an American, much less one with her fair share of scandals. But when Ariella discovers she’s pregnant with a royal baby, all bets are off. This woman is fighting for what is hers.

His for the Taking by Ann Major
A Bad Girl’s Secrets

Years ago, when Maddie Gray ran away from Yella, Texas, pregnant and alone, she left behind an undeserved reputation-and her young lover, rancher and oil heir John Coleman. Now she’s on the edges of his sophisticated world once again, determined to keep all her secrets.

With Maddie back in his life, Cole finally has a chance to forget her for good-if he can. The single mother is more beautiful, passionate and mystifying than ever, and John will stop at nothing to get at the truth. Even if that means making her his wife.

Taming the Lone Wolff by Janice Maynard
A Wolff in Protector’s Clothing

Protecting people for a living is one thing. But wealthy security expert Larkin Wolff wants no such responsibility in his personal life. Emotional involvement with clients is strictly forbidden. Only, he’s never had a client like Winnie Bellamy. The waiflike heiress is a beguiling blend of innocence and sexuality. Larkin knows the dangers of getting too emotionally involved, but when Winnie obviously needs him-personally and professionally-how can he say no? The vulnerable beauty makes him long for what he can’t have. And suddenly Larkin’s ready to break all his own rules.

Hollywood House Call by Jules Bennett
Calling L.A.’s most eligible M.D.!

Brilliant Hollywood cosmetic surgeon Noah Foster has perfection at his fingertips. Even so, he knows better than any man that losing someone you love comes at a cost. Which is why he can’t walk away from Callie Matthews. When an accident shatters her dreams of stardom, he vows to heal her, inside and out.

Yet living in close quarters makes their red-hot attraction impossible to ignore. Being at Callie’s bedside is one thing-and being in her bed is something Noah can’t resist. He doesn’t do commitment…but letting Callie go is impossible….

The Fiancee Charade by Fiona Brand
Some bonds can’t be broken

When billionaire Gabriel Messena sees that former fling Gemma O’Neill might be settling down with another man, he knows he has to act fast. He wants her, and he’ll use any excuse to get her back. Luckily, he needs a fiancée to regain control of his family’s business, and he wants Gemma for the part.

Gabriel’s proposition is truly unexpected, though exactly what Gemma needs to secure permanent custody of her daughter. Their daughter. Being back in Gabriel’s bed is amazing, but once he finds out what she’s kept from him, how long will the honeymoon last?

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Download Amherst Media Photography Books Collection (.PDF)

Amherst Media Photography Books Collection
Requirements: PDF Reader | 689 MB
Overview: Amherst Media began as a leading mail order distributor for all manner of photography-related publications. With the first printing of Basic 35mm Camera Guide, we began our transition into publisher of photography books. In the 25 years since, Amherst Media has become the best source for original, in depth, photographic instruction. From amateur photographers and serious photographers to the world’s leading professional photographers, we have something to offer all of them.

Whether wedding, portrait, glamour, nature, or just abut anything in between, Amherst Media works with the pre-eminent artists in their field to create some of the finest instructional photography books in the world. With worldwide distribution and 2 brand new books published every month, Amherst Media has become an indispensable source of information and inspiration for photographers.

Books list:
Genre: Large book collections


Download Instructions:
Am_Me_Ph_Bo_Col-n.part1.rar – 260.0 MB
Am_Me_Ph_Bo_Col-n.part2.rar – 260.0 MB
Am_Me_Ph_Bo_Col-n.part3.rar – 169.7 MB


Download The Love Muscle Collection by Jasmin Rain (.ePUB)

The Love Muscle Collection by Jasmin Rain
Requirements: ePUB reader 102 kb
Overview: The Love Muscle Collection contains 10 Hot Steamy Male on Male Erotic Stories, It’s Men loving Men! You Don’t Have To be Gay, you don’t even have to be a Male to enjoy These Toe Curling Stories…..
Genre: Erotica MM


The Collection Includes:
1. Intercourse With A Man
2. First Gay Kiss
3. Began To Stroke
4. Swinging Large Cock
5. Love at The Gym
6. Exploring On The Internet
7. The Aggressive 3-Some
8. The Gay Spell
9. Fun With Toys
10. Face Hump Fantasy

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Download Obras Completas by Jorge Luis Borges [ESP](.PDF)

Obras Completas de Jorge Luis Borges
Requirements: PDF Reader | 86.03 MB | Language : Spanish
Overview: Reseña Biográfica de JLB:

Nace en Buenos Aires el 24 de agosto de 1899. En la casa de Isidoro Acevedo, su abuelo paterno. Es bilingüe desde su infancia y aprenderá a leer en inglés antes que en castellano por influencia de su abuela materna. A los siete años escribe en inglés un resumen de la mitología griega; a los ocho, “La visera fatal”, inspirado en un episodio del Quijote; a los nueve traduce del inglés "El príncipe feliz" de Oscar Wilde.

En 1914 con su familia se instala en Ginebra donde Borges escribirá algunos poemas en francés mientras estudia el bachillerato (1914-1918). Su primera publicación registrada es una reseña de tres libros españoles escrita en francés para ser publicada en un periódico suizo.

Pronto empezará a publicar poemas y manifiestos en la prensa literaria de España, donde reside desde 1919 hasta 1921, año en que regresa a Buenos Aires. Es cuando redescubre su ciudad natal, especialmente los suburbios del sur, poblados de compadritos. Empieza a escribir poemas sobre ellos, publicando su primer libro, “Fervor de Buenos Aires” (1923). A partir de 1924, publicará algunas revistas literarias y con dos libros más, “Luna de Enfrente” e “Inquisiciones”, establecerá su reputación de jefe de la más joven vanguardia.
Cansado del ultraísmo (escuela experimental de poesía que se desarrolló a partir del cubismo y futurismo), intenta fundar un nuevo tipo de regionalismo, enraizado en una perspectiva metafísica de la realidad. Escribe sobre el suburbio porteño, el tango, sobre fatales peleas de cuchillo. Pronto se cansará también de este ismo y empezará a especular por escrito sobre la narrativa fantástica o mágica, hasta punto de producir durante dos décadas, 1930-1950, algunas de las más extraordinarias ficciones de este siglo (Historia Universal de la Infamia, 1935; Ficciones, 1935-1944; El Aleph, 1949; entre otros).

Murió en Ginebra el 14 de junio de 1986.

Sus posturas políticas evolucionaron desde el izquierdismo juvenil, -esperanzado con la revolución Bolchevique- al nacionalismo, y después a un liberalismo escéptico desde el que se opuso al fascismo y al peronismo. Fue censurado por su postura frente a las dictaduras militares de la década de 1970, aunque, en realidad, jamás las apoyó. (Simplemente, era anti-peronista)

Fue reiterada e injustamente soslayado por la Academia Sueca, negándosele el Premio Nobel de literatura, que tanto mereció.

Genre: Stories / Poetry


Libros disponibles en la descarga:
1923 – Fervor De Buenos Aires (Poesía)
1925 – Inquisiciones (Ensayo)
1925 – Luna De Enfrente (Poesía)
1926 – El Tamaño De Mi Esperanza (Ensayo)
1928 – El Idioma De Los Argentinos (Ensayo)
1929 – Cuaderno San Martín (Poesía)
1930 – Evaristo Carriego (Ensayo)
1932 – Discusión (Ensayo)
1935 – Historia Universal De La Infamia (Cuentos)
1936 – Historia De La Eternidad (Ensayo)
1940 – Antología De La Literatura Fantástica (Colaboración Con A. Bioy Casares y S. Ocampo)
1941 – Artificios (Cuentos)
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2000 – Textos Publicados En El Hogar 1935-1958 (Compilación)
2003 – El Círculo Secreto (Compilación)

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Los libros que faltan (Missing):
1926 – Índice De La Poesía Americana (Colaboración Con Vicente Huidobro Y Alberto Hidalgo)
1952 – El Idioma De Buenos Aires (Colaboración Con José Edmundo Clemente)
1955 – Poesía Gauchesca (Colaboración Con Bioy Casares)
1976 – Diálogos (Colaboración Con Ernesto Sábato)
1997 – Textos Recobrados III [1955-1986] (Compilación)

Download Collection 31x Naughty or Nice by Various Authors(.ePUB)

Collection 31x Naughty or Nice by Various Authors
Requirements: ePUB reader 12 MB
Overview: Santa’s got a list, and he’s checking it twice. Will you tell if your lover’s been naughty or nice? In these stories, the winter holidays will shine brightly whether with sweetest love, cackling laughter, or blistering passion. Get a story a day in the month of December, all with holiday flair. Your Christmas present to yourself!
Genre: Seasonal Romance MM


S. Blaise (Editor) – As the Snow Lay all Around
B.G. Thomas – Christmas Wish, All Snug
Rachel West – First
Dawn Kimberly Johnson – Fishbowl
Amberly Smith – GI Joe Holiday
Rebecca Lynne Fullan – The Hanukkah Surprise
Rowan Speedwell – Hopes and Fears
Mary Calmes – Ice Around the Edges
Devon Rhodes – Making His List
Jamie Fessenden – The Meanig of Vengeance
Margaret Mills – Next Twenty
Clare London – Pop-Ups
Justine Currie – Reason to Come Home
Lori C. Hawkins – Revelations of the Heart
Shae Connor – Sharing Christmas
Nora Catherine Price – Silver Thaw
Andy Eisenberg – Trouble Halved
Josephine Myles – Twinkle Twinkle
Zahra Owens – You Can’t Choose Your Family
Chrissy Munder – The Reason for the Season, Better with Sprinkles
Andi Deacon – Christmas Bells
Amy Lane – Christmas with Dannty Fit
Selina Brody – Comfort and Joy
K.R. Foster – Thyme, Eternal Flake Fall
Michelle Moore – Enchanted Grounds
Andrew Grey – Mariah the Christmas Moose
J.L. Merrow – Dulce Et Decorum Est, Batteries not Included

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19 Stories:
12 Stories:

Download Harlequin Intrigue – April 2013 (.ePUB) (.MOBI) (.PDF)

Harlequin Intrigue – April 2013
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI, PDF Readers, 11.3 MB
Overview: Harlequin Intrigue is an imprint from Harlequin which combines romance and suspense. The Harlequin Intrigue line launched in 1984, with The Key by Rebecca Flanders serving as lead title.

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Cardwell Ranch Trespasser by B. J. Daniels: The Cardwell clan has a new, mysterious member. Dana Cardwell warmly welcomed her Justice cousin into the family fold and to the ranch for a reunion. But this cunning kin has other plans for Dana…and designs on her husband, Hud.

Hilde Jacobson has known Dana too long to let her best friend get conned—or worse, killed. Unfortunately Hilde is no match for a skilled impostor who’s duped everyone in the canyon. Only Deputy Marshal Colt Dawson believes Hilde’s claims about the phony relation; only his strong arms have saved her from "accidents" intended to get her out of the way. Together can they convince the Cardwells that a predator lurks in their happy home?

Deadman’s Bluff by Carla Cassidy: FBI agent Seth Hawkins was on a mission to catch a serial killer. Yet his only lead—a mysterious azure-eyed beauty found buried alive in the local sand dunes—had no memory of how she’d been abducted. Or anything else about her identity.

The only thing Tamara Jennings knew for sure was the undeniable attraction she felt for the strong, handsome man who saved her life. It wasn’t long before their passion flared out of control. But as memories of her forgotten past returned, would they lead her to the killer—and to a life she could share with Seth?

Conceal, Protect by Carol Ericson: An undercover spy with the heart of a cowboy…

A disappearing roommate and a break-in are all Noelle Dupree needs to take what may be a permanent vacation. The Colorado ranch she inherited is the perfect getaway. It even comes with a hard-bodied cowboy who seems more than willing to be at her beck and call. But there’s more to "Jared Douglas" than meets the eye.

Although Noelle thinks everything that happened is random, Special Agent J.D. knows better. An international arms dealer has set his sights on Noelle, and he’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Keeping Noelle safe soon becomes more than just a mission for the highly trained spy. Because this time, it’s not only his career that will suffer if he fails….

Star Witness by Mallory Kane: Storm on the horizon

Dani Canto has precious few people she can trust.

As prosecutor Harte Delancey’s star witness against her grandfather’s murderer, she’s become a prime target—and a courtroom pawn. Protective custody seems to be the only solution, but she’s not expecting Harte Delancey to be her personal bodyguard.

Passion on the rise

Harte vows to protect Dani himself to ensure her safety and testimony. After all, winning the case will also settle an old family obligation. But earning her trust is key. Now with a raging storm threatening New Orleans and gunmen on their heels, Harte must break down the walls Dani has erected around herself. Once he does, not only does he find unexpected passion, but the certainty that the only safe haven is within each other’s arms….

Royal Rescue by Lisa Childs: An agent, an heiress and a deadly rescue mission…

Media heiress Josie Jessup and her son have spent the past several years in witness protection, yet they are anything but safe. When her father is attacked, Josie decides it’s time to return home…and walks right into a deadly trap.

Despite their tumultuous history, FBI agent Brendan O’Hannigan—Josie’s former lover and the last man she wants to see—comes to her rescue. As the main reason Josie had to go into hiding in the first place, Brendan knows he has a lot to prove in order to earn her trust. But to reveal his real motive for taking on this case will destroy everything he’s worked for. Josie has no idea just how important this mission is…or just how far Brendan will go to ensure their reunion remains permanent.

Secure Location by Beverly Long: One secret wouldn’t change their past—but it could shatter their future

Detective Cruz Montoya never knew why his wife, Meg, suddenly ended their happy marriage. But now he’s not leaving her side until he catches the person ruthlessly stalking her. That means turning Meg’s new life inside out and challenging her attempts to keep his investigation—and his body—at arm’s length. Cruz never dreamed Meg’s anguished bravery would bring their unresolved past back with a vengeance. And make the desire between them burn even hotter. Then Meg raises the stakes when she reveals the real reason she walked away. Cruz wants answers and to sort out their future. But first he has to outsmart an obsessed killer who can’t wait to ensure they don’t have one….

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