Download Photo Book Editor Book Frame v. [Pro]

Photo Book Editor Book Frame v. [Pro]
Requirements: 7.0+
Overview: Craft Timeless Memories with Book Photo Frame: Your Creative Photo editing app!


Transform every moments into book cover with Book Photo Frame app, One-stop photo editor app for stunning photo editing

Main features Photo Frames
⇒ Book Frame ⇒ Valentine Photo Frame
⇒ StoryBook ⇒ New Year Book Frame
⇒ Book Cover ⇒ Romance Frame
⇒ Magazine ⇒ Nature Book Frame
⇒ Scrapbook ⇒ Artistic Photo Frame
⇒ Collage ⇒ Elegant Book Frame
⇒ Pre Save ⇒ Classic Magazine Photo Frame
⇒ My Work ⇒ Top Double Photo Frame
⇒ Collage Editor ⇒ Love Book Photo Frame
⇒ Share ⇒ Cherish Photo Frame
⇒ Editor ⇒ Art Book Frame
↣ Text ⇒ New Photo Book Maker
↣ Stickers ⇒ Flower Book Frame
↣ Filter ⇒ Popular Double Photo Frame
↣ BG Change ⇒ Trending Story book Frame
↣ Border resize ⇒ Featured Double Photo Frame
↣ Replace ⇒ Basic Book Photo frame

Immerse Yourself in Bookish Charm:

Solo Photo Book Frames:exquisite solo book photo frames photo editor, includes:
⇒Classic & Elegant album photo Frames: Timeless Photo album & Book cover designs
⇒ Artistic & Nature album photo Frames: Artistic book cover with nature-inspired photo frames editor.
⇒ Love & Romance album photo Frames: Celebrate love with Valentine’s photo album and Love pic frames.
⇒ Story & Trending Frames: Capture adventures with trending Book Image frames.
⇒ New & Popular Frames: Eye-catching Photo Album & Book cover Frame.

Weave Magical Tales with Dual Book Frames:

Dual Book Frames/Story Book: Captivating dual photo album frames:
⇒ Love & Cherish Frames: Express affection with flora quality photo book maker.
⇒ Art & Photo Story Frames: Blend artistic vision with photo storytelling.
⇒ Trending & Basic Frames: Explore popular styles or create classic compositions.

Become a Published Author:

Book Cover Maker: Design quality photo book covers:
⇒ Romance & Nature Frames: Create covers that evoke the essence of your narrative.
⇒ Valentine & New Year Frames: Design festive covers for special event.
⇒ Classic & Top: Opt for timeless elegance or trending styles.

Dive into Creative Photo Collage Maker:

Photo Collage Maker & templates: Unleash your inner Photo collage Maker:
⇒ 2-9 Photo Layouts: Choose from a diverse range of templates to suit your vision.
⇒ Customize & Edit: Adjust border sizes, change backgrounds, and edit photos individually.
⇒ Express Yourself: Add stickers and text to personalize your creation.

Beyond the Book:

⇒ Magazine Frames: Design captivating magazine covers.
⇒ Scrapbook: Create personalized scrapbooks filled with memories

Unleash Your Inner Editor:

⇒ Powerful Photo Editor: Refine masterpiece with our built-in editor:
⇒ Replace & Filter: Swap photos, apply stunning filters, and adjust settings.
⇒ Stickers & Text: Add personal touch with a variety of stylish, elegant, neon stickers and text options.
⇒ Flip, Crop, Rotate: Fine-tune your composition
⇒ Background Magic: Change and blur backgrounds for that extra touch.
⇒ Photo Collage Maker: Utilize basic photo collage maker tools like text, filters, layout templates, border resize, corner round, and flip/rotate tools.

Pre-Save Convenience:
Save Time & Creativity: Save your creations directly without re-editing, perfect for quick sharing.

My Work/Frames:
⇒ Forget generic frames. In "My Work," rediscover personalized portals to your memories category wise.

Download Double Photo Book Frame today and start framing your memories!
We would be happy to address any inquiries at

What’s New:
We’re excited to announce our amazing new update for 2024!
* Enhanced User Experience: Integrated consent form for seamless interactions.
* Check out the new user interface
* New Book, Cover, Magazine, and Story Frames
* Added stickers and text styles
* Fixed bugs and improved performance

We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy the app.

Mod Info:
✪ Pro Activated/Unlocked
✪ Multi Languages
✪ CPUs: universal
✪ Super Ultra Compression
✪ Release By MG9600

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Download Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO v5.9.11.3 [Unlocked]

Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO v5.9.11.3 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 8.0 and up
Overview: We all want more light in our lives. But how much is too much? And how much is not enough? That’s where Photometer PRO comes in.


Our lux light measure app – Photometer PRO – helps you measure the brightness of your environment so that you can get the right amount of light for every situation.

WHO CAN BENEFIT from our lux light measure app?

Whether you’re a construction worker trying to compare different light levels after switching out your Halogen bulbs for LEDs, or just a flower hobbyist who wants to make sure each of your plants gets exactly the right amount of light, our lux light measure app – Photometer PRO – has got you covered. It even helps biology teachers practice photosynthesis!

INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY: whether you are a lighting designer, architect, electrician or just working from your home office – you can use the app to measure light levels and optimize lighting conditions, increasing productivity and enhancing the visual appeal of your projects

IMPROVE YOUR PLANT’S GROWTH: whether you are a horticulturist, greenhouse owner, or just a millennial (as we are!) who loves a little jungle in your home – you can use the app’s PPFD calculator to determine the optimal light levels for plant growth, helping them create ideal growing conditions

SAVE THE ENERGY: our lux light measure app – Photometer PRO – helps homeowners, business owners, and lighting professionals select the right light bulbs and lighting fixtures, reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainable living

IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH: proper exposure to bright light, cool light, or a specific lighting schedule can significantly reduce the perception of stress and burnout. Light also plays a key role in setting and regulating the body’s biological clock (hormone function, like melatonin)


With high-accuracy light measurement, you can be sure that your readings are as precise as possible. You can even export all your measurements to a CSV file and work with the data like a professional. Plus, the app offers many functionalities, including Lux and Foot-candle units, Full light sensor information & calibration, PPFD Calculator, a Greenhouse module, a Photovoltaics module, and more.

High-accuracy light measurement
Export all measurements (lx, fx, W/m2) to a CSV
Lux and Foot-candle units
Measures & record minimum, average and maximum brightness possible
Full light sensor information & calibration
Measure indoors & outdoors
Compare the room’s brightness level
Light meter to do experiments
Test flashlights and other light equipment
Setup projector screen


LIGHT MAP – make a light map of your interior and check if your home is adequately lit

PHOTOVOLTAICS – measure light volume, record and create a real-time light volume graph to improve your electricity production

PHOTOGRAPHY – measure exposure, lux/foot-candle, f-number, and shutter speed as well as ISO sensitivity

GREENHOUSE – measure and calculate supplemental light in your greenhouse or indoors with many light sources option

AQUARIUM – measure the adequate amount of light needed in your aquarium for plants, based on their type and size

RGB – measure color temperature (R, G, B) and the amount of lux using a camera in your smartphone

CALCULATORS you can find in our lux light measure app – Photometer PRO

Greenhouse module with PPFD calculations
PPFD Calculator
Lux to Lumen Calculator
Lumen to Lux Calculator
Lux to Candela Calculator
Candela to Lux Calculator

Other benefits

Support many languages
Smart, minimalistic, simple, and intuitive user interface
Dark Mode
Instant start & excellent performance
Insights & Knowledge base
Ready for professional & productive usage
A closed beta group for PRO users

Photometer PRO is a project with a bold vision: Provide free and open access to light measurements and knowledge to everyone worldwide.


What’s New:
– Added lifetime license
– Bug fixes and application improvements

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Unlocked by Alexa Liza


Download iCook: Meal Planner & Recipes v3.9.1 [Mod]

iCook: Meal Planner & Recipes v3.9.1 [Mod]
Requirements: 8.0 and up
Overview: The daily meal planner will help busy singles, couples, and families plan their meals ahead. Quick and easy recipes to cook a meal in about 25 minutes. Start planning your menu ahead and eat healthier food daily!


Mary’s recipes app is designed and created by a London based Nutritionist and Child Food Expert, Maria Kardakova MSc. All receipts are carefully handpicked and adjusted to make the most of the food we eat daily and feed our children.

The holiday season is coming. Christmas recipes are already available in the app, waiting to be cooked. Easy. Delicious. Healthy. We know you will enjoy it.

Cooking should be a joy. Nobody loves to spend hours in the kitchen following long instructions. That’s why the vast majority of Mary’s recipes takes up to 25 mins. Or even less.

Healthy food can be delicious. It can have rich flavours. Healthy food does not necessarily require to cut off seasonings, spices or herbs. Mary’s recipes will make you enjoy the food to the last piece. And reward your body with healthy and nutritious food.

Planning meals for your family ahead saves lots of your time and takes the most stressful question off your shoulders: What’s for dinner? A variety of recipes for each category is available: breakfasts, soups and stews, snacks, hot meals, salads, drinks, desserts and dips. You can use a week menu the app offers (no decision making required) or find the best meal recipe for you and your family.

Your shopping list will be automatically created once a menu for a day or a week is organized. With a single tap, all ingredients will be directly added to the shopping lists. If you need to add more items to your grocery list, it’s there as well.

Weekly meal planner and grocery list will help you cut down on food waste as much as possible, as well as reduce your expense. What’s also important – smart consumption saves the Earth’s natural resources.

The mixer is a fun and useful tool that generates a menu for the day or simply gives you an idea of what you can cook for dinner. Kids love playing with this tool and we have to admit that adults too.

Mary’s app has a range of filters to meet your personal food preferences and dietary needs. You can select vegetarian, vegan recipes, gluten-free, no sugar recipes for people with diabetes. Filter the recipes if you have peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, gluten, fish and seafood allergy.

Created by Maria Kardakova, daily tips will help parents and their kids build healthy relationships with food.

All the recipes are suitable for children from 10 months old.

The app is created by
Maria Kardakova MSc.
Registered Associate Nutritionist,
Senior Associate, The Royal Society of Medicine.

Modded by Alex Strannik
All features unlocked
Analytics fully removed

What’s New:
We want you to benefit more from using our app, so we are constantly working to improve it. In this release we fixed bugs.

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Download Funny Jokes v1.121 [Mod]

Funny Jokes v1.121 [Mod]
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Overview: Giggy jokes – this is updated several times a day, a selection of funny videos and photos. Inside the application you will find a social network of people who appreciate high-quality humor. Almost all publications in the application are created by users.


The peculiarity of Gee Gee jokes is that we allow you to share jokes with friends. You can send the video itself, picture or gif. Not a link to the publication, but the file itself. Funny publications or congratulations can be sent to your friends via instant messengers or share jokes on social networks. For the holidays, users create greeting cards that you can also use and delight your loved ones.

GYGY applications was created with the aim of creating an information and entertainment platform. Where users could freely share quality humor. Actual life issues. We have implemented such a set of functions where you can easily find jokes on various topics. In our application, you can create your own profile and post on your personal page what you prefer.

If you uploaded your content to the application, then the editors need some time to process it for compliance with the rules of our community and choose a funnier anecdote from the existing ones and include it in the main funniest Hot video watched by hundreds of thousands of people . Sometimes the admin needs a little more time, the most ridiculous of jokes. In GIGY there are funny funny video cards with sound and funny greetings.

Write comments. I think the funny thing about our life deserves to be shared, especially if it’s funny to tears.

The application has built-in advertising. We need to somehow support the development and pay for the work of people who care about the community.

Laughter, entertainment and good mood are provided to you. Let’s develop a community together.

The application requests the following permissions:
These permissions are required to save publications to your device and to create publications from the memory of your device.

Modded by Alex Strannik
Removed ads and analytics
Resources optimized

What’s New:
– improved application performance

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Unlocked by Alex Strannik


Download YMWhatsApp+ v37.0 (Whatsapp Mod | Base: v2.24.7.81)

YMWhatsApp+ v37.0 (Whatsapp Mod | Base: v2.24.7.81)
Requirements: 5.1+
Overview: YMWhatsApp+ is another MOD Version of the Original WhatsApp, Developed by Jesus Muentes. This is Clone WhatsApp for Android Device, which Comes with Lots of Features. It has more Advanced Privacy and Security Options than The Original WhatsApp Messenger.


  • Anti-Ban: it has a Fully Anti-Ban feature which means you will never get banned from using a WhatsApp mod.
  • Hide Last Seen: No one in your contact list seen when you last used WhatsApp, but you can see everyone’s last seen as well.
  • Hide Status Seen: If you want to see someone’s Status but don’t want to let them know, then this option will help you to hide your Status seen.
  • Send HQ images: One of the biggest issues in original WhatsApp is Low-Quality Images, for that we had to use Document file sharing right? But now in YMWA+ You can send Original Quality images.
  • Hide Message Seen: if you want to read some messages but would not let them know then use this feature, it will disable showing the double Tick and the blue tick in the other chat.
  • See Deleted messages. WhatsApp has an in-build feature called “Delete for Everyone” which means if someone uses that feature against you, The deleted messages never got deleted from your side.
  • Group Message Counter: See Who is more active in your group, this feature count how many messages are sent by group members.
  • Custom Privacy Settings: You can set custom privacy of Last Seen, Message Read Seen, etc.
  • Clean & Optimized UI: YMWhatsApp is Popular because of its Clean Layout and Optimized/Cras Free App.
  • See Deleted Status: If Someone put a status and deletes it, you can still see that deleted status.
  • Save Status: Now you don’t have to ask your friend for that Status You liked, Directly Download or Save any Status.
  • Send Videos up to 100MB: In Original WhatsApp, you can send videos Up to 16MB but in YMWhatsApp+ You can send Up To 100MB.
  • Send Audio up to 100MB: In Original WhatsApp, you can send Audio Files Up to 10MB but in YMWhatsApp+ You can send Up To 100MB.
  • Airplane Mode: This feature allows you to disconnect WhatsApp from the internet So that you use other things on your phone except for YMWA.
  • Disable Call Button: If you use WhatsApp for different purposes and get lots of calls then enable this option, it will disable the call function and no one can disturb you.
  • In-build Junk Cleaner: WhatsApp Takes a huge space in our internal storage, which may be unwanted for you. Now you can clean them easily with the Junk cleaner feature.

What’s New:
  • New base updated to version Stable.
  • Improved Anti-Ban.
  • By default, new colors are already enabled.
  • You can now create stickers from WhatsApp.
  • New Facebook style statuses. (Option to disable it).
  • New search bar on home screen. (Option to disable it).
  • Other minor changes.

To install the new version YMWhatsApp 37.0 you will have to uninstall the previous version. (Do not click Save Data when uninstalling).
Users who have been BANNED from YMWA or another mod, the ban is currently irreversible.
For this the solution at the moment is to use the device linking method.
If you only received a warning or your number is new, you can register normally without using the linking method.

Linking method:
1. Official WhatsApp from Play Store and verify your number there.
2. Download the YMWhatsApp clone package and install it.
3. Open YMWhatsApp and click the 3 dots and select Link Device.
4. Take a screenshot of the QR and send it (the screenshot) to another cell phone.
5. Open your Official WhatsApp and select Link a Device (as if you were going to link with WhatsApp Web) and take the QR that you sent on the other cell phone and that’s it.

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com.ymwhatsapp (clone)