Download Capu: Dark Erotic Thriller by Sienna Mynx (.ePUB)

Capu: Dark Erotic Thriller by Sienna Mynx (Battaglia Mafia Series #5.5)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 194 kB
Overview: In July 1994, a new, tourist-friendly, Las Vegas attracts the rich and infamous for high-rollers decadence. For young, business savvy Shannon ‘Shae’ Dennis, Vegas is prime for her business–adult entertainment. Shannon employs the most beautiful temptress in the country and caters to the nightlife. Life is good, and money is flowing. Shannon is living out her dream. Carlo Giordani, a ruthless enforcer for the Battaglia Mafia clan, has traveled to America to reunite with the beautiful and elusive Shannon. For more of the excitement and fun-loving adventure she once wet his sexual appetite for during her brief visit to Southern Italy. Their passion explodes. No sexual desire is left unexplored. As his heart becomes irreversibly connected to hers, there is a dark side to Las Vegas that only Carlo could have foreseen. An evil watches, waits, and one by one Shannon’s girls begin to disappear as young girls are found murdered on the Vegas strip. Is there a serial killer? And what is his connection to the free-spirit Shannon Dennis? Carlo must race against time to save her and her friends for a predator unseen. And in the process convince the woman he desires that being a man of violence doesn’t mean he’s incapable of love.

Publisher Warning: Capu has strong adult themes, graphic violence, explicit language and scenes, F/F scenes, and child abuse subject matter
Genre: Erotic Thriller


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