Download Captured by the Cyborg by Angela Bennet (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Captured by the Cyborg by Angela Bennet (The Dark Marauder’s Mate #5)
Requirements: ePUB, AZW3 Reader 1 MB
Overview: Destiny Kagar is being hunted by the Confederation for her secrets. She has the ability to touch any technological device and interact with it – and that includes the man she helped heal and rebuild after an explosion nearly killed him. She hadn’t counted on falling in love with him. She didn’t expect to be hunted by him when she tried to disappear. But now she has to escape the one person she trusted with both her heart and body.
Commander Jevlen Sonju is part man, part machine, and one of the deadliest soldiers in the Dark Marauders. He was assigned to apprehend Lieutenant Destiny Kagar. But when he finally meets her, he can’t fight the unexpected attachment he feels for her; it goes against his design to be dominated by his fleshly side. To make matters worse, he keeps having passionate visions of Destiny that heat his blood, and he doesn’t know if they’re fantasies or real memories. Is she truly the criminal he’s been led to believe? And why can’t he remember her?
Genre: Romance Sci-Fi


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