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Captive of the Orc King Omnibus (1-3) by Trevor Zex
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI /AZW Reader, 1.0MB
Overview: Only her maidenhead stands between her people and death.

A brave heroine in peril. A race against war skewed by sorcery and unthinkable weapons. A half-orc king determined to own her–and to train her for the ultimate battle.

Imagine it: Untried warrior Princess Talana journeys to her wedding, and huge orcs attack her caravan in the high pass.

Gaining the huge orc king’s trust could preserve the safety of her companions. But aiding the orcs will make her a traitor.

Sorceress Neesa and her dragon familiar force goblins, orcs, and humans into a massive army, ending decades of peace.

If her captor is telling the truth, Talana must prepare to fight the sorceress.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


#1 – Captive of the Orc
A princess journeys through a treacherous mountain pass to meet her bridegroom. An orc captures the prize he envisioned before she arrived in the flesh. A sorceress and dragon force goblins into her army.

Unarmed, Teza faces monsters she thought existed only in fairy tales. The orc looming over her has the brute strength to take her for his prize. As his horde chains her people, the princess makes her decision. Even if history sees her as a traitor, she’ll do anything she has to do to protect her friends and guards.

#2 – Attack of the Orcs
Dragon fire. Orc attack. Princess peril. Sorceress takeover. Mage power. Unarmed, warrior princess Teza chooses to please her orc captor. But honor spurs her to betray her protector and risk herself.

This is the second episode of the Warrior Princess adult fantasy adventure. Begin reading with Captive of the Orc.

The Abducted Warrior Princess serial is for mature readers over 18. Violence, adult language, detailed intimate scenes, and disturbing content. Triggers. Not advised for sensitive readers.

You want it. Get Captive of the Orc now.

#3 – Gift of the Orc
Heroine in peril, adventure, adult you-know-what, and magic

The orc offers Princess Teza an astounding gift. Her acceptance might create an inescapable bond. But she’s no longer sure she wants to leave her huge captor.

Fang, the sorceress-controlled dragon, casts war shadows. Within her captor’s city, the warrior princess struggles between protecting her people and embracing her foretold battle role.

Will her desire for Gark make her a concubine and a traitor?

Teza isn’t ready to become a legend. But the orc king has plans for her.

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