Download Captivated By A Bad Boy’s Love by Allie Marie (.MOBI)

Captivated By A Bad Boy’s Love by Allie Marie
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Overview: Blu is an up-and-coming fashion designer in the midst of changing her life. After suffering through battles with depression and opioid addiction due to her inability to cope with death, she overdosed and was dismissed from her private school. Once Blu kicks her addiction, she decides to get a fresh start in a new school and new environment. There, she meets Amari, the guy with big dreams of becoming a professional boxer. Amari becomes everything Blu had never experienced, and she quickly falls for him. Unfortunately, people from their past will do anything to ruin their budding relationship. With this new start, Blu learns a hard lesson in the form of betrayal by someone she thought had her back. Will this act of betrayal push her over the edge and cause a relapse, or will Amari’s love be enough to pull her through the storm?

All Noel wants is for Troi to grow up and stop trying to hide their love. Troi is the daughter of the overprotective Ira Black, head of the notorious Philly gang, GMM. Troi knows her father would disapprove of her relationship with Noel, especially because he is making a name for himself in the streets and moving up the ranks in GMM. With more responsibility comes more money, which causes the girls to flock, and Noel has no problem spreading the love. Since Troi is scared to go public with their relationship, Noel refuses to commit. Will Troi ever woman up and tell her father that she is in love, so she can have Noel to herself, or will Noel’s lack of understanding and disrespect push her into the arms of another man—one she feels will gain her family’s approval?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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