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Burke, the Kingpin by Fayrene Preston (The Shamrock Trinity #3)
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Overview: In an exciting saga from author Fayrene Preston, a powerful Delaney executive finds true love with a free-spirited woman whose wild ways may just cause her to slip through his grasp.

Riding on a magnificent Arabian stallion, Cara Winston raced toward the setting sun, hoping to catch it before it set. The beautiful Arizona land lay before her. The crystal clear air shimmered around her. Happiness bubbled through her. If she could catch the sun, surely she could keep this day from ending.

Flying home from Tucson, Burke Delaney gazed down on his land. Killara. It was his heritage, his heart, the very marrow of his bones. He didn’t feel right any place else in the world.

He swooped his helicopter low to get closer. He knew every plant, every animal, every person on the great cattle ranch.

But suddenly he caught a flash of color. At first he thought it might be a trick of the eyes. But then he saw her, a silver haired girl wearing a flame colored dress riding his big Arabian stallion.

He’d never seen her before. But she was on his horse and on his land. He figured she must be his too.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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