Download Brick Moon Fiction… Vol.2 by Rudolfo Serna et al (.ePUB)

The Brick Moon Fiction Annual Volume 2 by Rudolfo Serna, Lauren Forry, Sam French, Stephanie Jessop, Eric Del Carlo, Kevin O’Hara, Nicholas Thurkettle, Jason D’Aprile, Lauren Signorino, Tom Miller
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 344 kB
Overview: We focused on three topics this year – Revolution, The Future of Love and the idea of Radical Transparency – and how intellectual trends we see today could have emotional impact in the future. Our hope is that by passing in and out of these worlds, trying on these skins and coming back to your own, that you will be inspired by the possibilities the future holds, and be reminded that even the most awe inspiring technology is often a slave to the human heart.
Genre: Science Fiction


Table of Contents:
Revolution – Stories from the Future Revolution
Fishing in the Desert by Rudolfo Serna
The Most Dangerous Weapon of the Egregious Spoken Word by Lauren A. Forry
Snow Angels at Christmastime by Sam French
Pale Passengers by Stephanie Jessop
Bloodhounding by Eric Del Carlo
Silly Little Lies by Kevin R. O’Hara

Romance – Stories from the Future of Love
OpenBook by Sam French
89.9% by Lauren A. Forry
4pants by Nicholas Thurkettle
The Beetle Took Her by Rudolfo Serna
The Reprise by Eric Del Carlo
The Tangerine Egg by Stephanie Jessop

Transparency – Stories from the Future of Privacy
Over Exposure by Kevin R. O’Hara
Troll by Jason D’Aprile
Hear Every Word by Eric Del Carlo
The Hub by Lauren Signorino
Viviana Jones, Red District by Rudolfo Serna
A Plea From Myselves by Sam French
Highlights by Tom Miller

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