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Bound by Obsession by Aleisha Maree (Bound Series Book 1)
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Frontman for Triple X. A-Grade asshole.
Pair those two with a deadly addiction to all things bad for me, and you get obsession.
Believe me, I am bound to it.
I don’t need a 12-step program or saving.
I’m the rap devil baby, and I’m here to fXck with more than just your pretty little mind.
Your mouth looks pretty good too.
I will show you just what heaven looks like while dancing with the devil.
Bound by a nightmare. Living with obsession.
I try to stay under the radar, working as a waitress and living above the shining lights of Auckland, New Zealand.
Mostly unnoticed, until Jayden James and Triple X blow into the club.
My own demons surface when I get sucked into their whirlwind of drugs, drinking, and partying.
Obsessions mesh with addictions.
His eyes pull me under as his words lace around my heart.
I’m not strong enough to resist the deadly liaison with Jayden James.
The devil tastes like heaven, and the sin is just as hot.
Genre: Romance


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