Download Book of Oil Painting (Craft) by Adrian Keith Graham Hill (.PDF)

The Beginner’s Book of Oil Painting (Craft) by Adrian Keith Graham Hill
Requirements: .PDF reader, 14 MB
Overview: Adrian Hill, is, of course the ideal person to start beginners off. So vivid is his conversational style, and so generous are his sketches and diagrams, that anyone, however they may rate their abilities, can follow him. He first advises on what colours, brushes and other accessories to buy, and then goes on to help the reader decide what subjects to select- from a still-life of a fruit bowl, to a simple mountain landscape. He deals with the vital point of arranging the picture in a composition by a graphic series of wrong/right illustrations, and shows the important effects of light and shade. Then comes the exciting moment of putting brush to canvas as you begin on your actual picture. And one of the joys of oil colour is that it’s so easy to correct mistakes! Undoubtedly, painting with Adrian Hill is painting with pleasure.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General


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