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Blue Falls Series by Stella James (#2.5, #4)
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Overview: I enjoy reading, yoga, beer and/or wine (the order changes, depending on my mood). I write in my limited spare time for your reading pleasure and also to silence the various characters that have taken up residence in my cute little head. I live in Canada and prefer dogs over cats.
Genre: Romance

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Book #2.5 – Clipped
Mona Mitchell has lived in the small town of Blue Falls all her life and she wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. She owns a successful hair salon and has a great group of friends that are more like family. There’s just one tiny problem. Mona doesn’t want kids. She never has and she never will. Dating is hard enough in a small town but add to that the fact that ALL the men you meet want to be with someone who wants a family someday and you’re going to start running out of options. Mona is starting to resent the fact that she can’t find her happily ever after…
Walker Powell is 43 years old and ridiculously wealthy. He’s never bothered to settle down with a wife and kids. He’s organized and efficient and in control of all aspects of his life. With hotels all over the world and a long line of women willing to warm his bed, you’d think he’d be satisfied. But looks can be deceiving. Walker is bored. Bored of the same women, the same places and the same everyday motions…
A chance encounter will bring this unlikely duo into each others’ lives when they least expect it.
Has Mona finally met her match in an older man?
Can Walker handle a woman like Mona?
A missing vibrator, an arousing haircut and a tiny misunderstanding just might lead to love after all…

Book #4 – Worth the Wait
A fresh start, that’s why you’re here.
A chance to lay low while the dust settles.
No more medical bills, no more pushy customers and no more coasting by.
It’s time to start living.
Eric Doyle buried his wife three years ago and in that time has adjusted to life as a single parent to their only child. He’s got no time to be selfish and even less time to worry about the fact that his love life is non-existent. He’s got a routine that suits him just fine and a secure life built for his daughter and he most certainly doesn’t have time for a woman like Grey…carefree, overly friendly with whiskey brown eyes and legs that seem to go on forever beneath worn out denim shorts. Not that he’s noticed.
For reasons he can’t even begin to understand, Eric soon finds himself in close quarters with Grey and on top of that, relying on her kindness to help him out of a bind.
Opposites soon attract, igniting a pent up desire that’s been simmering close to the surface.
But actions speak louder than words, some things are easier said than done and when Grey’s past catches up with them can Eric see clearly enough to stand by her side? Can they each move forward from their respective pasts and form a new path together?

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