Download Big Data Analytics for Internet of Things by Tausifa Jan Saleem(.ePUB)

Big Data Analytics for Internet of Things by Tausifa Jan Saleem
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Overview: This book provides a thorough overview of all the aspects of data analytics in IoT systems including need for data analytics, computing platforms, big data analytical tools, data compression and storage, privacy and security etc. It includes discussions of ways to extract valuable insights from Big Data with the help of techniques like Regression, K-Nearest Neighbor, Decision tree, Support Vector Machine, Naïve Bayes, Clustering, Deep Neural Networks etc. The book explains the techniques that are suitable for digging out the best decisions from large amounts of IoT data to gain control of IoT devices. Moreover, the book offers novel designs for IoT systems covering applications like smart homes, smart healthcare, smart transportation, smart manufacturing, smart grid, smart agriculture, smart education, and smart government. The book discusses all aspects of IoT data analytics including presently available strategies as well as loopholes in those strategies and new solutions.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Tech & Devices


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