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Beyond the Black Enigma (Commander Craig Book 1) by Gardner F. Fox (Written as Bart Somers)
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI / AZW Reader, 1.0MB
Overview: Commander John Craig is a new kind of science-fiction hero: worldly, daring, incredibly ingenious. Beyond The Black Enigma presents him with one of his most devilish challenges: to pierce and destroy an insidiously growing menace to the future of Earth itself.

Even the most jaded science-fiction reader will thrill to Commander Craig’s dangerous exploits as he risks his life in strange worlds never before invaded by men from earth!

The black Enigma could be anything from a mere vibration to the gaping maw of a hideous space beast. Whatever it was, special agent John Craig of the Alert Command had to destroy it before it devoured the universe!

Suave, handsome John Craig did not relish the assignment to conquer The Black Enigma. He would have preferred to continue romancing the beautiful Elva Marlowe—Or any other of his many Women.

But when Alert Command informed him that two space fleets had been consumed by the Enigma and that the menacing blob was swelling steadily, Craig Couldn’t resist the challenge.

Armed with three incredible protective inventions, Craig set forth eagerly. But he soon found out that getting BEYOND THE BLACK ENIGMA was not going to be just another heroic stunt. If he failed in his mission, it could end his life and Planet Earth!
Genre: Fiction; Sci-fi/Fantasy


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