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Bannister’s Muster Series by Barbara Gaskell Denvil (#1-6)
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Overview: Barbara Gaskell Denvil’s father was an artist and playwright, her mother a retired teacher and her sister a published author at sixteen. Ms. Gaskell Denvil therefore had no other passion but the arts and books. She started writing articles and short stories for magazines and newspapers. She was also a tutor for scriptwriting, and a reviewer for Books and Bookmen. Since her children had grown and her partner had died, she started writing full length fiction again, and in all her favourite genres.
Genre: Fiction > Children’s


Snap (#1)
A boy with his head in the clouds. A magical ride through the sky. Can he take a trip back to medieval London and get home in time for school? Twelve-year-old Nathan Bannister fantasizes about never having to go to class again. But his dreams never included a crazy wizard and a hot air balloon waiting inside his bedroom! Nathan is cold, scared, and still in his pajamas when the mad magician abandons him in medieval London. Desperate to return to his Granny’s house in the modern world, Nathan falls in with a ragtag crew of street kids. As he attempts to find friends and allies, the young boy must escape a wicked Baron and rescue the girl if he wants any chance of returning home. Can Nathan track down the loony wizard to find his way back before school, or will all his homework become ancient history?

Snakes & Ladders (#2)
A magic knife. A fantastical land with a secret. Can one boy travel through time to discover his destiny? Twelve-year-old Nathan Bannister remains awestruck by his crazy trips through time. More exploring the mystical world of Lashtang with his younger sister Poppy, he has an enchanted knife. But before he can unravel the weapon’s connection to his family, he misplaces Poppy… In his quest to recover his sister, Nathan must fight side-by-side with King Richard and determine both friends and foes in medieval London. With Granny’s delicious cakes for sustenance, he realizes that deducing the secret behind the knife may be the key to saving his sibling. Can Nathan reunite his family and understand his legacy, or will a fearsome battle leave him and his sister lost to history?

Blind Man’s Buff (#3)
A boy on the throne. A magical land under threat. Can he discover his own power in time to lead an army into battle? At 14 years old, Londoner Nathan Bannister never thought he’d be the prince of a magical kingdom. Discovering he has his own special abilities, he hopes to use them to bring peace to Lashtang. But if he doesn’t learn quickly, his leadership may not survive an attack from vengeful wizards. On his quest to save his new land, Nathan must escape a devious trick and fight off a three-headed dog. When he discovers that his throne’s enemies possess modern-day weapons, he knows Lashtang will fall without some serious help. Can Nathan recruit an army of allies and use his fledgling magic to save the day, or will a long line of royals come to a terrible end?

Dominoes (#4)
A young ruler under attack. His subjects in peril. Can one boy cut the enchanted chain that powers his enemy? Fourteen-year-old Nathan Bannister hoped his family’s new royal rule would bring peace to the magical kingdom of Lashtang, but they’re not there yet. Instead, he must frantically rescue his people after a devastating attack from monstrous wizards. At last he discovers the magical chain that will bring the rest of his people back, he knows their only chance lies in cutting it. Desperately organizing his defense before his enemy becomes too powerful, another adventure through time throws a wrench in his plans. Between a trip back to medieval London, his sister getting thrown in jail, and an unexpected pirate attack, his chances of success grow slimmer by the minute… Can Nathan break the Eternal Chain, or will his kingdom fall to the forces of evil?

Leapfrog (#5)
As a boy struggles to protect his kingdom, a dark enemy rises to end his family’s hope of reigning again. Nathan Bannister thinks he’s finally mastered his magic. But that doesn’t do him much good when he loses his magical knife to the enemy. He’s terrified his rivals will use it against him. Granny get’s involved, but things go from bad to worse when Lashtang’s biggest enemy escapes from prison. Knowing he needs help, Nathan turns to some of England’s old kings, as his enemies bring back the dead. But in the end Nathen realises that only he and Poppy can make things right. Can Nathan reclaim his magic knife and the throne, or will his final battle end in tragedy?

Hide & Seek (#6)
A boy who finds his power, A dual to end all battles, and a grandmother who does much more than baking cookies. Nathan now fourteen, must find a way to end the Hazlett’s rule and gain the throne back for his mother. He has the help of Kings from England’s past, but Clebbster brings a few families members back from the dead himself. How on earth will Nathan defeat them. Yaark is still creeping around, and Poppy discovers that she’s the one destined to fight him. Everybody needs a friend in times of trouble and luckily both Nathan and Poppy find they have more than they thought! Granny and others lend a helping hand but how will it end? Will the Octobrs get the throne back? And will Lashtang be free of Yaark at last?

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