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Bad Cow by Andrew Hindle (Oræl Rides to War Book 1)
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Overview: In the last great golden age of the planet Earth, Barry Dell dies in a tragic elevator accident.

On a not-quite proverbial stairway to Heaven, Moskin Stormburg dedicates his life to figuring out where it all went wrong.

In a world slowly choking on its own sewage, the Vandemar sisters do what they can to save a human race that by all rights should be taking its last desperate breaths.

And through it all, the Archangel Gabriel asks himself when it’s okay to dust his hands off and walk away.

This is a story about a dying world and the Angels, the Demons, the Vampires, the lost immortals and the billions and billions of humans trying to live on it. It is a story about a two-thousand-year-long game of musical chairs where somebody switched off the music at the very beginning. And burned the chairs.

Why is it called Bad Cow?

You’ll probably have to read the book to find that out. The blurb can’t tell you everything.
Genre: Science Fiction > Dystopian


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