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Babysitter’s Club Series by Jordan Silver (1-2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 341 KB
Overview: Just a being in love with love and happily ever after; I love all things alpha, the more over the top, the better. I write anything that jumps into my head, whether it be erotica, romance, young adult, or horror, I’m just the vehicle that my characters use. Hopefully, they’ll find use for me for a long time to come.
Genre: Erotic Romance


1. Alyssa – You always hear stories about men leaving their wives for the babysitter. Society is quick to rush to judgment on that one, like a lion on a gazelle’s hind quarters. But has anyone ever really stopped to question why? Is it that all men are so weak that they can’t refuse a little sweet on the side, and so they throw away their marriage, children and sometimes half their wealth? How stupid can all these men be if they’re running around being led by their meat? It’s a wonder anything gets done in life if that’s the case. Well I may have been one of those people in the past, one of the ones who questioned just how hard did the old guy put up a fight to deny the little tease etc. But since I’ve become one of the crowd myself I can tell you, things aren’t always what they seem.

2. Sydney – When I was only thirteen my life was turned upside down. My father had an affair, mom lost her mind and was shut away in an asylum and I was passed off to an old aunt. Now eight years later, I’m seeking vengeance against the one who brought my world crushing down. It’s only fair don’t you think? Let’s see how she likes her cushy little life being disrupted by someone younger, prettier….

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