Download This Loving Land by Dorothy Garlock (.ePUB)(.MOBi)

This Loving Land by Dorothy Garlock
Requirements: ePUB, MOBi Reader, Size: 760 Kb
Overview: As filled with promise as her name, 19-year-old Summer heads west for the vast Texas ranges. There she hopes to find Sam McLean, the man who had cared for her family long ago. Instead she rides into a future filled with renegade Apaches, a scheming enemy–and Sam McLean’s son, Slater. Summer is soon drawn to Slater and helps him to unearth dark family secrets.


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Download The Fearsome Particles by Trevor Cole (.ePUB)(.MOBi)

The Fearsome Particles by Trevor Cole
Requirements: ePUB, MOBi Reader, Size: 2.35 Mb
Overview: Trevor Cole’s bestselling debut novel garnered rave reviews and comparisons to Truman Capote and Kingsley Amis. Now the Governor General’s Award finalist is back with The Fearsome Particles, a brilliantly observed comic tragedy about the widening cracks in a family’s picture-perfect veneer.
Gerald Woodlore, a window screen executive, wakes one morning to find, to his utter dismay, that he has reached the limits of what he can control. The company he works for is rapidly losing market share and a junior assistant seems to be the only one with an idea how to fix it. His wife, Vicki, a luxury real-estate dresser, appears to be bending under the pressures of constructing an image of perfect happiness both at work and at home. But most worrying of all is Gerald and Vicki’s twenty-year-old son, Kyle, who quit school to volunteer with the military’s civilian support staff in Afghanistan. Now he has returned early and retreated to his room in the wake of a mysterious and traumatic event.


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Download A Cup of Tea by Amy Ephron (.ePUB)(.MOBi)

A Cup of Tea: A Novel of 1917 by Amy Ephron
Requirements: ePUB, MOBi Reader, Size: 550 Kb
Overview: Rosemary Fell was born into privilege. She has wealth, well–connected friends, and a handsome fiance, Philip Alsop. Finally she has everything she wants.
It is then, in a moment of beneficence, that Rosemary invites Eleanor Smith, a penniless young woman she sees under a streetlamp in the rain, into her home for a cup of tea. While there, Rosemary sees Eleanor exchange an unmistakable look with Philip, and she sends Eleanor on her way. But she cannot undo this chance encounter, and it leads to a tempestuous and all–consuming love triangle –– until the tides of war throw all their lives off balance.


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Download Two Novels by P.T. Deutermann (.ePUB)(.MOBi)

Two Novels by P.T. Deutermann
Requirements: ePUB, MOBi Reader, Size: 2.05 Mb
Overview: P. T. Deutermann is a retired Navy captain and has served in the joint Chiefs of Staff as an arms control specialist. He is the author of six previous novels, and lives in Georgia.

Image Image

Darkside: A Novel:
At the US Naval Academy, the students refer to the administration as the Darkside, a nickname befitting the secrecy and manipulation that occur behind closed office doors. So when a first-year student falls to his death from a campus building, the Academy tenses as the Darkside begins to creep out of the shadows to cut off any potential scandal.
Retired naval aviator Ev Markham is now a professor at the Academy. When a provocative clue connects the dead student to senior midshipman Julie Markham, Ev knows how quickly his daughter could become the easy scapegoat the Darkside badly craves. But a second body convinces Academy security chief Jim Hall that a killer is on the loose. As both men struggle to uncover the truth, a psychopath more sinister than they can imagine lies in wait, protecting the ultimate-and most deadly-secret of all…

The Cat Dancers:
Dangling silently in front of a cave eighty feet down the cliff’s edge, the man snaps a picture of the enraged mountain lion. The furious beast lunges…but the man is gone, back up the rope.

When a judge releases two unrepentant killers on a legal technicality, North Carolina police Lieutenant Cam Richter knows facing the victims’ grieving families is going to be tough. But when Killer #1 turns up on the Internet riding a homemade electric chair?followed a few days later by Killer #2?Cam thinks despair may have turned to vigilante justice.

But it doesn’t add up, especially when Cam becomes a target. It looks like these vigilantes may also be cops, and he’s quickly running out of people to trust. The answers lie deep in the North Carolina wilderness, where Cam must track down this mysterious group of adrenaline-driven "Cat Dancers"–and risk losing everything he has left…

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Download Ocean Home – January 2012 (.PDF)

Ocean Home – January 2012
Requirements: PDF Reader, Size: 56 Mb
Overview: Ocean Home Magazine puts the luxurious lifestyle of oceanfront living into the palms of your hands. From high-end developments in the Caribbean to private beachfront estates in California, Ocean Home not only unveils the dream homes of the world’s wealthiest real estate investors, but also reveals the best travel destinations, the top designs for your ocean home, and interviews the key players in the next generation of luxury oceanfront living.


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Download The Week – 10 December 2011 (.PDF)

The Week – 10 December 2011
Requirements: PDF Reader, Size: 46 Mb
Overview: The Week is the very best way to catch up with the week’s news and comment in just one hour. But the magazine isn’t just informative, it’s also entertaining. Within its 35 editorial pages, you’ll find everything from reviews of the latest books to the pick of the week’s gossip. There’s also City news, the best properties on the market, arts coverage, and much much more. The Week Magazine a witty round up of the week’s international broad sheet newspapers. It is an invaluable resource for people too busy to read every paper but should.


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Latest issues The Week:
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Download Human Target by Len Wein (.CBR)

Human Target by Len Wein – C –
Requirements: CBR reader, 14-25 Mb
Overview: Based on the hit series from Warner Bros. TV airing on FOX, this 6-issue miniseries pits Christopher Chance against global organized crime! After Chance is hired to protect a highly placed informant and collect evidence around Europe, every assassin and goon from Paris to Prague starts aiming for the Human Target!


Sample page
Review dcbx
More comics from this writer

This new adventure pits Christopher Chance against the organized crime of the world! When he’s tasked with protecting a highly placed informant and collecting damaging evidence throughout Europe, every assassin and goon from Paris to Prague will be gunning for the Human Target! Len Wein co-created SWAMP THING early in a writing career which has included every major hero and villain at both DC Comics and Marvel Comics. As a writer, Wein is also credited with co-creating Wolverine for Marvel and The Human Target for DC. Wein was a Senior Editor at DC, overseeing the Batman titles, and was one of the editors on WATCHMEN. He has also been Editor-in-Chief at both Marvel Comics and Disney Comics before settling into a successful career writing comic books and animation.

Download Instructions:: Target 1.cbr Target 2.cbr Target 3.cbr Target 4.cbr Target 5.cbr Target 6.cbr

Mirrors: … t%2B1.cbr/ … t%2B2.cbr/ … t%2B3.cbr/ … t%2B4.cbr/ … t%2B5.cbr/ … t%2B6.cbr/

'You can't judge a book by the cover'
(Bo Diddley in '62)
meaning, if you're a comics lover
better first read the review

Download Courtney Crumrin Stories by Ted Naifeh (.CBR)

Courtney Crumrin Stories by Ted Naifeh
Requirements: CBR Reader, 884 MB.
Overview: Courtney is an odd little girl who doesn’t quite fit in. When she is shipped off to her uncle’s, she must adjust to a whole new school in a neighborhood she isn’t entirely comfortable with; however, things quickly take a turn for the better, as she meets the strange and interesting individuals that live in and around her uncle’s house. Soon it’s clear that she’s better off hanging with the Night Things than she is with the stuck-up kids at her school. It’s adolescent angst vs. scary spooks, adding up to excellent entertainment.

      In a world inhabited by goblins and corrupt magicians, someone’s gotta set it right! Courtney moves in to her uncles house-a huge mansion in a town populated by wizards, with her parents,who seem to care more about social status than their kid! As she tries to navigate through middle school life by day, her nights are filled with magic lessons from her uncle, Aloysius Crumrin, and team ups with the goblins waging wars in the town’s backyard.

Genre: Comics, Young Adults, Adventures, Fantasy, Horror, Humour, Digital.

Image Image Image Image

      Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image Image

      Image Image Image Image

Courtney Crumrin

    Ted Naifeh art, cover, story
    James Lucas Jones editor
    Published by Oni Press, 2002-2013.

      Courtney Crumrin is an independent comic book series written and illustrated by Ted Naifeh and released through Oni Press.

      The series is ongoing and consisted of 12 comics compiled into three books entitled Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things, Courtney Crumrin and the Coven of Mystics, and Courtney Crumrin in the Twilight Kingdom. Two shorter books entitled Courtney Crumrin and the Fire-Thief’s Tale and Courtney Crumrin & the Prince of Nowhere followed, then compiled into a fourth volume Courtney Crumrin’s Monstrous Holiday. They pick up from the end of book 12 where Courtney is invited to join her uncle on a trip to Prague.

      During the summer of 2005, Naifeh released a one-shot entitled Courtney Crumrin Tales, which focused on Courtney’s Uncle Aloysius as a young man. A short color prelude has also appeared in Oni Press Color Special 2002.


        Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things v1

          Courtney’s parents have dragged her out to a high-to-do suburb to live with her creepy Great Uncle Aloysius in his spooky old house. To make matters worse, she’s not only the new kid in school, but she also discovers strange things lurking under her bed.

        Courtney Crumrin and the Coven of Mystics v2

          Someone is trying to blame Skarrow, a peaceful creature, for an evil curse. And only Courtney and Uncle Aloysius are driven to prove his innocence. In this second volume of Ted Naifeh’s acclaimed series, Courtney learns of something even scarier than the goblins under her bed–man’s ambition for power.

        Courtney Crumrin and the Twilight Kingdom v3

          Courtney has entered a new school yet again, but this time she’s in the Coven’s special class for magical studies. But when a student spell goes wrong and leaves one of her classmates cursed, can Courtney lead the kids into Goblin Town and find a cure or will misfortune follow the group straight to the Twilight Kingdom?

        Courtney Crumrin’s Monstrous Holiday

          Courtney and Uncle Aloysius go on a European holiday and though it’s supposed to be a vacation, the supernatural is drawn to Courtney like a moth to a flaming candelabra! While Aloysius meets up with some old friends, Courtney makes some new ones: uniting lovers separated by the full moon, and exciting the interest of a pale young man. But will it be puppy love or unending thrall?

        Courtney Crumrin Tales

          A Portrait of the Warlock as a Young Man, This Courtney Crumrin Tales chronicles the adventure of a young man named Crumrin, who will eventually become Courtney’s Uncle Aloysius. In this story, young Aloysius is but a menial clerk in a law office. But adventure ensues when he realizes that the man he works for has another, even more secret occupation as the leader of a clandestine group bent on eradicating sorcery! Aloysius, when he finds out, wants more than anything to be a part of it. But little does the society know that the fresh-faced young clerk has a hidden life of his own.

Download Instructions: — Courtney Crumrin Tales 01 A Portrait of the Warlock as a Young Man (2005) — Courtney Crumrin Tales 02 The League of Ordinary Gentleman (2011) — Courtney Crumrin V01 The Night Things (2012) (Digital) — Courtney Crumrin V02 The Coven of Mystics (2012) (Digital) — Courtney Crumrin V03 In The Twilight Kingdom (2013) (Digital) — Courtney Crumrin V04 The Monstrous Holiday (2013) (Digital) — Courtney Crumrin V05 The Witch Next Door (2014) (Digital) — Courtney Crumrin V06 The Final Spell (2014) (Digital) New!

Download First Truth (Truth 01) by Dawn Cook (.MP3)

First Truth (Truth 01) by Dawn Cook
Requirements: MP3 Player | 32 kbps | 179 MB
Overview: Alissa doesn’t believe in magic. Her father’s stories about the Hold, a legendary fortress where human Keepers learn magic from the enigmatic Masters, are just that stories. But her mother insists Alissa has inherited her father’s magical ability, so she must go to the Hold to be trained. On her way, she crosses paths with Strell, a wandering musician from the plains. Though Alissa is not sure she can trust a plainsman, Strell has something Alissa needs one of her father’s old maps. Traveling together, they can reach the Hold before the snow sets in. But they don’t know that the Hold is nearly empty. The Keeper Bailic has sent the Masters on a fool’s errand and systematically killed the other Keepers in his search for the First Truth, a book of magic that will give him ultimate power. And he believes that Alissa and Strell hold the secret of the book’s hiding place.

Download Instructions:

Mirrors: … _Truth.rar

Download Hidden Truth (Truth 02) by Dawn Cook (.MP3)

Hidden Truth (Truth 02) by Dawn Cook
Requirements: MP3 Player | 64 kbps | 366 MB
Overview: In this sequel to First Truth, the evil Bailic cannot open the book First Truth himself so he begins to teach the piper Strell magic, mistakenly believing that Strell will be able to open the book. Alissa is secretly taking lesson from the master Talo Toecan. They plan to retrieve the book First Truth and escape once the snow melts from the passes. Alissa must secretly perform the magical skills for Strell without Bailic catching her. Meanwhile the book First Truth is exercising its magic on Alissa and she desperately wants to take it back. When Strell does not progress as fast as Bailic wants, he begins to threaten Alissa. Then Alissa discovers that Bailic wants to use the book’s powers to raise the dead and start a war

Download Instructions:

Mirrors: … ruth01.rar … ruth02.rar … ruth03.rar