Download Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko (.ePUB)

Ascend Online by Luke Chmilenko
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 783 kB
Overview: Enter Marcus, a twenty-nine-year-old independent game designer, and slightly jaded MMORPG addict looking for his next gaming fix. When a friend tells him about a revolutionary Virtual Reality game that’s set to be released in less than 24 hours, he can barely believe his eyes. Without a second’s hesitation, Marcus and his friends leap at the chance to escape Reality and start an entirely new life in a world of mystery and wonder.

Together, they find themselves thrown into a fantasy world that defies their wildest hopes and expectations. From battling vicious monsters to dealing with greedy Players, Marcus and his friends will have to use every ounce of their cunning and teamwork they possess to stake a claim in a brand new world.

Especially once other Players see what they have, and try to take it from them.
Genre: Fantasy


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