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Applied Calculus by Frank C. Wilson, Scott Adamson
Requirements: .PDF reader, 29.4 MB
Overview: Geared toward business and social science majors, this text equips students with the analytical tools and technological skills they need to be successful in the workplace. Uncomplicated language and a straightforward writing style promote conceptual understanding.

The incorporation of real-life applications, examples, and data analysis and interpretation helps engage students—even those with minimal interest in mathematics. For instructors who want to make mathematics meaningful to their students, Applied Calculus teaches rigorous concepts in manner that is accessible without cutting corners. Streamlined content allows instructors to cover the text in its entirety and maintains student interest. A range of technology resources—including CL MATHSpace, with access to textbook websites and course management tools—makes the process of teaching and learning dynamic, both in the classroom and online.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational


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