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Android Apps For Profit: How to Make Money with Apps on the Android Market by Nathan Mellor
Requirements: .PDF reader, 4.1 mb
Overview: This book takes a look at the marketing funnel for apps, with a view to how understanding the entire process can bring you more money. It explains some key marketing terminology and how it applies in the app world.

Includes a process that allows you to choose your best ideas, and then research those ideas to find those with the greatest revenue potential. Mentions ways to weight the revenue of ideas against the cost of creating an app for each idea, with ideas for creating your apps for less money, whether you are a developer or plan to hire one.

As your ideas come to market as apps, this book gives suggestions on how to create more visibility for your app, along with what factors influence users to install or continue to use an app, and how you can track these for your benefit. Includes ways to expand your reach through paid or organic promotion that stretches beyond the Google Play store.

Nathan Mellor was a senior software engineer at Hewlett-Packard before being downsized in 2009. Since then, he has created and marketed a top grossing app for Android that had generated over a million in sales as of August 2013. He has successfully run this business from his home office.
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