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An Undying Love by Janet MacDonald (Temple Island #1)
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Overview: Anya sneaks off to the ancient ruins on Temple Island in the hopes that the legends are true, but it lies in enemy territory. The one thing she desires the most she hopes to find there. Her excursion takes a catastrophic twist, and she ends up a prisoner and her captor uses her for the safe return of his sister. But the tug of an ancient longing—one her brother will never allow—claims her.

Dante catches an interloper in his pack’s territory. The pretty young female werewolf captures his attention in ways he never thought possible. He hoped to use her to learn of his sister’s whereabouts, but he soon feels the pull to keep Anya for himself.

With outside forces trying to come between them, the love they share is put at risk, and Dante may lose Anya forever.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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