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Alpha’s Fake Omega by Aria Grace (Omega For Hire Book 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 225 kb
Overview: North is the heir to a booming family business. He was due to take control of the company on his thirtieth birthday in six months, but his grandfather has added another stipulation to the deal. North can’t take over until he’s put down roots and started a family. As an alpha in the prime of his life, North isn’t interested in "settling down" and instead hatches a plan to get his hands on the company while avoiding his grandfather’s restrictions.
Dante has worked at Omega for Hire as an escort for a while now. People usually hire him for short term gigs, mostly as arm candy to parties and dinners. When he gets an offer to be North’s live-in boyfriend for the next six months, he’s hesitant to take the offer and bail on all of his regular clients. But the money is too good to turn down and the idea of living in the lap of luxury until North’s birthday sounds like a dream.
But an unexpected heat and some misplaced suppressants might just turn this temporary situation into a permanent one.
Genre: Romance MM


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