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Alone series by Mercedes Prunty (#1-2)
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Genre: Horror | Infected

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Alone (Book 1)
Imagine a world that has been torn apart by war, then imagine a world torn apart by war and Bio Chemical Warfare. Stacie’s life has been turned upside down ever since the acid rain fell from the skies and turning normal, loving and caring people in vicious blood thirsty creatures that now roam the scarred and empty streets. As she tries to stay one step ahead of the creatures she wonders if she will always be on her own but in this new changed world wouldn’t it be safer to stay ALONE.

Lone (Book 2)
Five years have passed since the incident at ‘The Sanctuary’ and Stacie’s life has changed, the people she loves are kept just out of reach, the hunger inside her is never satisfied, the creature she has become ripples below the surface and then she meets Kaley causing her life to change again. Stacie must decide whether to stay near her loved ones and protect them from the horrors that still roam the world or to help a girl she has only just met.

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