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Alla Prima II Everything I Know about Painting–And More by Richard Schmid , Katie Swatland
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Overview: JUST RELEASED September, 2013, Alla Prima II is a direct response to the remarkable success of the earlier book, Alla Prima, which went into thirteen printings after it was published in 1998. This new volume includes all of the information contained in the original printings, and all material has been extensively revised for increased clarity. It has also been considerably expanded to provide a much broader frame of reference in each of the critical aspects of painting. As with the original Alla Prima, this book offers to the artist and art lover alike the wisdom and technical savvy which comes from a classical education and a lifetime of painting and teaching. Writing as an acknowledged master, Richard gracefully leads his reader through the subtleties of painting theory and technique with refreshing directness and unmatched technical authority. With an emphasis on painting from life, he writes with warm humor about the joys and trials of being an artist. He brings to life the romance of Bravura painting and examines the mysteries of color in fascinating detail. A new view of design is offered, along with insights into the thinking of the great Masters. The virtuosity that painters strive for is presented as an attainable goal, but he also tells us what to do when everything goes wrong. Above all Richard writes with deep affection to all who strive for self-expression, regardless of their level of skill. He shares his own struggle from art school to the present, and offers the things he has learned with the hope that his reader may enjoy the same journey of discovery. Lavishly illustrated, Alla Prima II provides a unique overview of the rich historical background and underlying theoretical ideas of Direct painting, while examining in detail all of its technical problems and solutions. It also covers the full range of artistic subject matter and reveals the one thing a painter must know to capture it all. 328 pages. 262 color images.
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