Download Alien Warrior’s Bounty by Lizzy Bequin (.ePUB)

Alien Warrior’s Bounty by Lizzy Bequin (Galactic Hunter’s Guild Book 1)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 320 kb
Overview: Abducted by a cold-blooded bounty hunter…
Literally cold blooded.
Rogar is seven feet of muscle and power wrapped in smooth, reptilian scales.
His client is an alien crime boss who wants me as his bride. As far as Rogar is concerned, I’m nothing but a paycheck.
But when we find ourselves marooned on an mysterious planet, my alien captor becomes my protector.
Our days are filled with danger as we struggle to survive in this savage world.
Our nights, on the other hand…
I should hate him. So why do I find him so irresistible?
How can his cool scales heat my blood this way? Why does my love-starved skin scream for his alien touch?
And what’s he hiding beneath that helmet that he refuses to take off?
Genre: Romance


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