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Airshan Chronicles by Nhys Glover (1-3)
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Overview: nhys is an Australian teacher/trainer, historian,international presenter, life coach and, oh yeah… the author of more than a dozen novels, most of which are sensual romances (some more sizzling than others)in the sub-genres she loves to read herself – Time Travel, SF/Fantasy, Historical, and paranormal.


1. The Five – Flea wasn’t sure what was worse, that the Goddess of All Creation wanted her to save the world from a primordial evil about to be released from the underworld, or that She’d decreed Flea must forge a loving bond with four magical sons to do it.
Not that she didn’t think she was brave enough. She was. But she only had her mind-reading magic and some fighting skills to call on. How either could help her against a creature without a mind or a body, she didn’t know.
Then there was the idea of marrying four strangers… all right, three strangers and her best friend, Zem. Flea didn’t even like sex! Being raped at fourteen can do that to a girl. And if she could manage the marriage bed, there was even worse to consider—finding a way to love them all and get them to love her. After all, she wasn’t Airsha. She wasn’t a compassionate, caring and lovable person. She barely knew what love was. And this was one situation she couldn’t con her way out of, or through.
So, basically, with all things considered, the world didn’t have a chance if it was depending on her to save the day. The Goddess really got it wrong this time!

2. Daemon – Flea has changed her name to Flame. That’s the easy part.
She’s been kidnapped by Devourer Priests and lost in a nightmare created by one of her prospective husbands, all while trying to find the key to the underworld before a primordial monster devourers the world. That’s the hard part.
The impossible part? Finding a way to get four very different, very sexy men to play nice together so they can become part of her harem and The Five, and save the world from the aforementioned primordial monster.
But this fiery-haired warrior woman doesn’t believe anything is impossible now. Find out if she’s right!

3. The Devourer – They’d found the key that would return the newly released Devourer back to the underworld. They’d forged a bond of love and respect between five powerful but very different mages. They’d even begun to explore the incredible powers that bond has given them, which would help them defeat the primordial evil intent on drowning the world in another global flood. What they didn’t seem to be able to do was keep that hastily formed bond from unravelling and undermining everything they’d achieved. And not even the Goddess of All Creation could tell Flame if she’d survive long enough to enjoy the love of four very attractive men. That was the problem with being a Champion of the Goddess- no job security!

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3. The Devourer

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