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Adventures of the Starship Satori: Complete Library Box Set by Kevin McLaughlin (#1-6)
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Overview: Collected together for the first time, read the opening six-book arc of USA Today Bestseller Kevin McLaughlin’s epic starship Satori series!

Dan Wynn thought he was grounded forever, but was given one last shot at the stars. Beth Wynn figured she’d never see her ex-husband again, until the adventure of a lifetime brought them back together.John Carraway, billionaire businessman with a secret: an ancient starship with an intact wormhole drive. Charline Foster, rogue hacker with a brilliant past. Andrew Wakefield, former elite soldier and the son John never had. Together they would embark on a journey that launched humanity into the stars, and face perils that threaten not only their lives, but the future of everyone on Earth.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. Ad Astra
In 2034, the Earth is in crisis. Energy use is at an all-time high, and energy-hungry nations seem on the verge of going to war with one another.

But on the moon a discovery is made, something that changes the balance of everything. A set of caves is opened by explorers, revealing a buried base thousands of years old. Among the relics found is the ruin of an ancient starship, with an engine capable of carrying humanity to the stars – or becoming the golden apple that starts a war no one can win.

A handful of unlikely heroes will risk their lives to keep the starship safe. If life knocked you down, would you risk everything you had left to reach for the stars?

2. Stellar Legacy
A wild jump into uncharted space saves the starship Satori and her crew. But they quickly learn that they’ve only jumped from one danger into another far greater threat.

The planet they find is ruined, abandoned, devastated by some long ago war. Was it once the home of the civilization that built the wormhole drive? What happened to them?

As the crew begin their search for clues, they stumble across a war older than human civilization, and an enemy more terrifying than anything mankind has ever faced.

3. Deep Waters
The Satori’s crew have returned. Home again, they lick their wounds, repair the badly damaged starship, and try to make sense of all the things they saw during their first mission beyond our star system.

But they’ve brought danger back with them. Charline and Beth undertake a mission home to Earth which will prove more perilous than they could possibly guess. And something is wrong with Andrew. Can Dan and John unravel the mystery in time to save their friend?

Home should be a safe place, a place to rest and recover. A place to heal. Instead, each of the crew find themselves in the middle of more trouble, each of them in over their heads in Deep Waters.

4. No Plan Survives Contact
he crew races against time to learn more about the deadly Naga, an enigmatic race of alien predators who will stop at nothing to find the starship Satori. A risky mission is put together: a return to the dead world where they first encountered the Naga. There the crew will try to wrest the information they so desperately need directly from the satellite defenses the aliens placed to blockade the planet.

It should be a simple scouting run. They’ll be in and out before the Naga have any idea they are even there. But no plan survives contact with the enemy.

5. Liberty
Armed with a new weapon, the crew of the Satori risk the voyage to a new world – the home of the Cyanauts, a race of beings enslaved by the Naga for their ability to telepathically translate languages. They hope to free the slaves, depriving the Naga of a powerful tool in the process. But freedom is not so simple as flipping a switch. Trust is earned, and the crew find themselves embroiled in controversy and danger.

The Naga are not about to give up their servants without a fight, and would like nothing better than to get their hands on the human starship. The crew of the Satori must decide for themselves the value of liberty – theirs, the Cyanauts, and that of all humanity lie in the balance.

6. Satori’s Destiny
Since their first encounter with the crew of the Satori, the alien Naga have been hunting. The technology the Satori uses is a powerful remnant from a nightmare race the Naga believed had been extinguished eons ago. They will do anything to find the Satori’s home, capture the ship, and enslave or destroy humanity. At long last their hunt has borne fruit. The Naga have found Earth.

As a fleet of battle cruisers closes with the planet, humanity rises with the one weapon they can possibly use to defend themselves – the Satori. But this time the ship and her crew might not be enough to stop the enemy. It will require every weapon the Earth can bring to bear, and every sacrifice that humanity can make to win the day. The stakes have never been higher. This time, if they fail, the Earth burns.

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