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Aces and Eights: Shattered Frontiers by Jolly R. Blackburn
Requirements: pdf reader, 76.2 MB
Overview: By far the most deluxe western ever produced, this fascinating role-playing game rides into town with 400 full color pages crammed with beautiful period artwork! Yes, the Aces & Eights: Shattered Frontier RPG is the highest quality, most complete western ever marketed in the adventure game industry. First, there’s the innovative and visual Shot Clock game aids, which eliminate the abstraction and complexity of other RPGs a player can actually see the cover, position and location of his or her target! Of course, the Shot Clock game aids aren’t the only innovation in the Aces & Eights game. For instance, the game has a new poker chip-based brawling system that solves the problem of temporary damage; characters actually become winded, tired or knocked senseless in the fight. The realistically deadly combat supports an overall game system that rewards characters for pursuing professions, giving players the in-game incentives to do much more than follow the outlaw trail. In addition, the Aces & Eights RPG is the first western to not just allow, but focus on, the rest of the major western movie adventures beyond the gunfight. Prospecting, cattle drives, frontier justice, and so on, all have a complete mini game system tailored for that type of adventure.
Genre: RPG Sourcebook, Western


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