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A Slice Of American History: The Best Cake Recipes From America’s Sweet Past by Julie Schoen
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Overview: Open this book and be transported into the wonderfully delicious world of classic American cakes, learn about their history, and then be guided step-by-step through the process of baking over thirty incredible layered treats.

With nearly 1,500 cakes baked in her family’s kitchen on Indiana Street over the past several decades, author Julie Schoen knows her way around superb cake. In her much anticipated second family-style cookbook, Schoen expounds on the history of American cakes, delighting readers with delectable recipes and a historic trip through America’s kitchens.
Genre: Non Fiction Cookbook


More than just dessert, cake has become engrained in the culture and traditions of America, an integral piece of family gatherings, holidays, and celebrations. A luscious look into the history of American cakes, A Slice Of American History offers a glimpse into the origin of some of our most beloved desserts, tracing the crumbs all the way back to the very first bite. With more than thirty recipes, each told with a fascinating story touching on both past and present, this guide becomes an edible timeline that can, and should, be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere.

A Slice Of American History goes back to the first explorations of the East Coast in the 1600’s, introducing the invention of Maple Syrup, and a mouthwatering recipe for an updated version of the classic Maple Syrup Cake. As you explore America’s kitchens through the centuries you will discover classic favorites and new ideas including:

Smith Island Cake
Boston Cream Cake
King Cake
Devil’s Food Cake
Bundt Cake
And the chocolate lover’s daydream, The Tunnel Of Fudge

Intriguing and well-written, with a decoration of humor, A Slice Of American History is a must-have for every American’s sweet tooth. Don’t miss out – buy your copy today and delight in a slice of America’s past!

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