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A Rural Life in the 70s by Hong Xiao Su
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Overview: In her last life, she was miserable and ordinary. This time, she got into the fashion and was reborn in another world. She was still the same person… even with the same body and face. What was the point of reincarnation? A childhood companion? He always pulled her hair and made troubles for her? A handsome boy? The boy never looked at her and was 15 years older than her! A prestigious teacher? The teacher spent his days eating and drinking, coaxed, played tricks, and controlled others… Too scary and better run away? No no no, such a challenging life was bound to be wonderful! Now let me take you back to the 70s and live a fast life!
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Translated from Chinese to English / Status: 10/1038 Chapters (Complete)

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